Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Hawaii by the day~

August 31, 2010
We spent Tuesday at Waimea Bay as well. We just couldn't get enough of it's beauty! As soon as we got on the sand, we could see them. A pod of at least 50 dolphins playing in the bay! Owen and I RAN to the water! I couldn't wait to get in and be as close as I could to wild dolphins. Yes, we played with one in Honduras, but Fiona was trained, raised in captivity. I have had a love for dolphins for as long as i could remember! And it was crazy, you could feel the vibrations from the clicking/talking the dolphins were doing, and if you put your head in the water, you could hear them loud and clear! It was incredible! We were all warned to stay near the shore, because with dolphins, come other LARGE predators... sharks. But, we weren't letting that ruin our day!

It was super hard to get pictures of the dolphins, but you can see a few dorsal fins here

They were playing, it was so cool! They were tossing tuna fish through the air, and they kept jumping out of the water and splashing each other!

Derek was the only one to brave the rock! Roger told us about the rock jumping here, and it looks so cool, but it's a bit intimidating. You have to time it with a wave, and though the water gets deep super quick, I just couldn't get excited for it!

Can you see the dolphin???

The Patseys, we may have missed you while you were gone, but thanks for living in PARADISE and allowing us to visit!

Promptly after this picture was taken, my sweet husband chose to dunk me. I can't complain though, it felt so good to just let go and really play in the water!

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the fritz family said...

What a beautiful view. And a total hottie. Ya, you look good too! :-)