Saturday, July 30, 2011

~Barnard girls~

It just dawned on me that I didn't blog about these photos! We had Robyn (Josh's baby sister) and her husband DJ over for dinner almost 3 weeks ago, and Josh took these pictures for us. It's nice being pregnant at the same time as both my sister AND my sister-in-law! In these pictures I was 37 weeks, and Robyn was 26 weeks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~39 weeks, 1 day~

We just got back from the Dr again. Remember when we first got pregnant, and how I joked around about my heart pills? How they give them to women who struggle with pre term labor and pre clampsia? Well, we joked with the Dr that we would probably have to coax her out, and in talking to him today, it appears that my heart pills are keeping me from dilating and going into labor. Emerson is so low he could feel her head and wasn't surprised at all when I told him how painful it was when she moved from her shoulders up. I asked him it if was in fact my heart pills keeping me from progressing further and he said yes. SAD!!! So, we have an appt for next Wednesday, which is a day AFTER our due date, and start talking about induction. :-( I sat in the office trying so hard not to cry, and know that Emerson is just fine, that though I hurt, I am just fine, and another week isn't going to kill either of us. But the exhaustion and frustration with the final days of pregnancy are really starting to get to me. So, prayers are appreciated, and I will keep y'all informed in the coming days!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~38 weeks, 1 day~

Well, we went to the Dr again today, and I am 80% effaced. And, somehow Emerson has managed to drop MORE. So, it's just a matter of this squirmy girl pushing my cervix open and joining us! The last time they checked, they told me if they HAD to give me a percentage of effacement they would say maybe 10%. So Dr Majors says I've done a lot in the last week! Lost another .5 lbs, but Dr Majors isn't concerned. I went and had Cold Stone Ice cream for lunch to try to make up the difference! :-) He is givng me hope that we could have her before our appointment next Wednesday, so let's see!

Monday, July 18, 2011

~sneak peek~

This morning we had the luxury of having Stepheni Mason of Mason Jar Photography over to the house for our Maternity Pictures. We had talked off and on about doing them, and we are so glad we did! This is our "teaser" from this morning, and we are IN LOVE with it! I cannot wait to see the rest of them! It's so fun to be able to work with somebody that you know well, and has seen you "through your journey". Stepheni did our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos, and is already getting ideas together for Emerson's newborn pictures! I wonder what it feels like for her to walk into our home and see all of her work hanging on our walls, proudly displayed? This girl is awesome, and we had a GREAT morning with her! Thanks again Stepheni!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~4 more appointments~

We had another appointment this morning. 10% effaced, not dilated at all. But, Emerson is head down and right where she should be. Movement and heart rate are great. I've lost almost 2 pounds, and they're asking me to eat more food. I have no room for it! I seriously don't know how I can eat enough to gain weight at this point, but I'll do what I can! We have our next appointment next Wednesday, so we'll see if there's any progression!