Sunday, October 18, 2009

~Bridal "Practice"~

Meet the Bridal Party! Well, most of it. Adam lives in Spokane, and wasn't in town until Friday, along with Sharon, who lives in Moses Lake! We met up at Josh's parents house for the "practice" and some time to hang out!
Jerrell, Shea, Justing, RJ, Josh, Ray, Derek & Steve
Amber, Me, Leah & Linds!

Hanging out
The Strouds
We hoped Steve would make Lindsey laugh!
Josh getting everybody organized

Uncle Bill, Aunt Lana & Me

The Bride
That sexy groom! :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

~Out with the girls, the Bachelorette party!~

For my bachelorette party Michelle tracked down some of my greatest girlfriends and we met up at her house, before heading out to Chopstix in Tacoma.
Miss Alejandrina PJ!

A sexy little outfit courtesy of Leah!

Alei, Leah, Michelle, Robyn, Angie, Stephanie, Amber, Lindsey & Me

Michelle & I on our way out!

Me Angie & Robyn

Dont let Amber tell you anything different, she was loving it!

Me & Miss Leah

We roll deep yo

Me Stephanie & Michelle

Amber Leah & Me

Me & Linds

I stopped smiling shortly after this picture was taken. The pianist was getting SO gross, that I got up and told him I had self respect... and we left! To home we go!

Leah Amber & I watching 16 Candles

Saturday, October 10, 2009

~Not to be forgotten!!!~

Not to be forgotten~ the 1/2 hour before the shower started!
Michelle and I showing off our gorgeous outfits!
And here's that sexy fiance of mine, rocking my Mama's hat for the day! He kind of looks like a pirate! :-)

~Kentucky Derby - Bridal Shower~

It's been pointed out to me by my friend Stephanie Fritz, that I haven't even taken the time to blog once since July. So, we're starting with the FANTASTIC bridal shower my sister threw for me! It was Kentucky Derby themed, complete with dresses, big hats and fun drinks! It was seriously the greatest idea for a bridal shower EVER!

Dont the snacks look YUMMY??!!

My super awesome dress~ thanks Mama!

2 gorgeous girls getting to the shower! I love these beauties!

A few of the SUPER fun gifts

I totally felt like Dorothy in these shoes, having them dyed to match my dress!

Lindsey, Leah, Amber, Me, Angie, Sharon & Mandy

Me with my awesome cousin Ashley

Three of the BEST girlfriends a woman could ask for!
Lindsey Leah Me & Amber

With the gorgeous Lauren Dudley

Dont you just get all gussied up and drink champagne with YOUR girlfriends on a Sunday afternoon??

Amber~ the bestest!

Was it Holly Hobbit that had the big bonnet and no face??!! Haha!

I love my Sharon, we don't get to see each other ENOUGH!

Me and my super great cousin Alyssa, and sweet Owen in the corner.... he thought us girls were princesses!
"We are members of the all American league, we come from cities - near and far!"
Owen wanted to be under the hat too!

Michelle Mama & Me!

With My Aunt Wendi

Me & my Mama

We walked into Mama Stortinis and the whole restaraunt went SILENT! We sure know how to turn heads!