Thursday, September 9, 2010


That's right! It's Puyallup Fair Time! Until meeting Josh, I had NO IDEA that you could get your sweet little paws on season passes to the fair. Costco isn't selling them this year, so we had to go to Walgreens to get them- and they look WEIRD! No worries for this girl, I will gladly flash that beast daily to get a chance to see baby piggies, eat yummy food, and see all the CRAZY things people try to sell!

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Nicole said...

SO LOVE this! Totally made me smile! I am sad to be missing th efair this year...while they do have a fair down here, which I took the girls to shortly after moving here only to get scolded for EVER going to such a BAD part of town with our babies. WON'T be doing THAT again! I just want a scone and an ear of corn on the cob. :) Make good use out of your passes now! :)