Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~Divine Miss Em- NINE months!~

It all seems to happen in the blink of an eye. 

~Michelle Ginette is 30~

I can't believe Michelle is 30!  Partly because it seems like just yesterday we were little, but also because it means I'm still older, and I'm not quite sure how i feel about that!  I reserved the special room at Mama Stortinis and invited all of Michelle's favorite girls.  Annie Culp made her cake (it was incredible!) and everybody really seemed to enjoy themselves!

~Emerson is 8 months old~

i still cannot believe she has been around this long already!  seems like just yesterday we brought her home to be with us!  Funny girl was so proud of her shoes!

~Happy Easter!~

~Showing off skills~

she stands!

~UW vs WSU - a house divided~

Ladies night at church for March was of course March Madness.  So, Eme and I dressed to support Josh, in UDUB, and Michelle and Ryken dressed to support Derek, in WSU. 

~Happy St Patricks Day!~

Our precious little got to celebrate her 1/4 Irish heritage today! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

~Soon to be Mr & Mrs McCutchen~

One of my dearest, dearest friends is getting MARRIED!  I am so beyond honored to get to be a part of this special day, which will fall on miss Emerson's 1st birthay!  It's been fun choosing bridesmaid dresses, shoes, etc with her, and I can't wait to see her celebrate her special day!  We went out to dinner with Troy and Linds to go over details, because Josh is actually going to officiate the wedding!  So exciting!

~SEVEN months!~

Can you believe it??? Miss Em is SEVEN months old!  I can't remember life without her already... she's such an incredible baby girl!

~Seattle with Friends~

When I became pregnant with Emerson, a friend of mine signed me into a group of women who were due around the same time as I was.  Well, over a year later, I still talk to about 15 of them, one of which came to town for a job fair with her BEAUTIFUL baby girl!  Becky is an incredible woman, but intellectually and spiritually.  I LOVED my time with her, and hate that she accepted a job FAR away from Washington... guess it means I will be hopping on a plane to see her again!

~Ferry ride to Herron~

In taking pictures of homes for Josh, Eme and I have been on several fun little adventures!  This one was quite entertaining... we took a ferry to a small island off of Lakebay, and the ferry only held ELEVEN cars!  We also received an escort to the home and back off the island by one of the locals.  But in waiting for the ferry, we had fun finding clams and checking out the water!

~Valentine's Day~

Every year for Valentine's Day Josh and I stay home, make a big home made dinner together and watch a movie. This year was no different. We lit candles, had fresh salmon and garlic mashed potatoes (I had NOTHING to do with dinner this year, and it was fantastic!!) and after dinner Josh Eme and I snuggled onto our bed and watched the movie Valentine's Day. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should, it's really cute! It felt so good to be with the 2 I love the most, laughing and playing and making memories. Eme even dressed up for her daddy! :-)

~A Very Merry Un-Birthday~

I had always found it cool how people celebrated 1/2 birthdays. Nothing too major, but family and cake. So, we started it right off the block with Emerson. She put on her party skirt (one that promptly got washed and packed away for her cousin Kennedy) and I made her a triple layer cake. I had fun with white cake mix and food coloring. :-) She thought it was pretty fancy that she was just able to dive into the cake, and eat all the frosting she could manage!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

~Ferry rides~

Eme and I went out to Vashon Island for the morning, and Eme got her first experience on a ferry. It was super cold so we didn't stay outside long, but managed to find a couple Australian women to take our picture. They kept talking to her and she just stared at them in disbelief! Their accents caught her off guard! Haha!

~Kennedy's dedication~

On Sunday January 29, sweet Kennedy Marie got dedicated to the Lord. It was great to see DJ and Robyn taking Kennedy's spiritual well being so seriously. We had a great lunch after church at a Woodenville Brewery (I cant remember the name) and got in a bit of family time before leaving for Oahu the next day.

~Grocery carts~

Well isn't she fancy?? She felt like a million bucks getting to ride in this cart like a big girl. Every person that walked by her she watched... making sure they say her sitting up like that. It was hysterical!

~Fun family photos~

After the huge snow, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous winter day and get some fun family pictures. I'm bummed we didn't get any of all 3 of us, but these turned out pretty cute!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~Big Girl Food~

Eme started big girl food today! She has been showing serious interest in actual food lately so we decided once she hit 5 months, we would start introducing solids. Tonight was the first meal, and it was bananas. We got a magic bullet at our baby shower, so we pureed a banana and she really liked it!

All ready to try it!
Not quite sure what to think....

~5 Months!~

Five months old! I can't believe it! This little girl brings us so much joy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

~Barnard/ Patsey Sleepover~

We had quite the winter storm this year... giving us over a foot of snow, and an ice storm before the snow had a chance to melt! We thankfully never lost power, and ended up having Michelle and the boys stay with us for 4 nights... we had a blast! It was great to get that extra time with them knowing that they would be headed to Hawaii to stay for a bit.