Sunday, September 12, 2010


Awesome. I forgot to take a picture again! I'm not so good at this Project 365! I'm not letting it get me discouraged though, that's for sure! So, here's another fun run-down.
Saturday mornings I generally use to relax, but with Derek having his 30th birthday bash at our house on Sunday, I needed to get a few things done. I ran to McLendon's to buy new gardening gloves (I CANNOT risk actually TOUCHING a worm) and ended up coming home with new little flowers for the flower box by our front door. After working on the gardens for a couple hours, I got ready for our first set of weekend services during the Fair. It is a mad house in downtown Puyallup right now! Our church does a Ministry Institute and their first weekend was this weekend. It's so fun to see all the new students roaming through the halls, and getting acquainted with everything! After services, I went home to find Josh finishing up with the lawn... in the dark! It was hysterical! Bless his heart working such odd hours with the coffee shop and still trying to take care of things at home! I'm sure my picture for Sunday will have something to do with Derek's birthday party, so stay tuned!

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