Sunday, February 12, 2012

~Ferry rides~

Eme and I went out to Vashon Island for the morning, and Eme got her first experience on a ferry. It was super cold so we didn't stay outside long, but managed to find a couple Australian women to take our picture. They kept talking to her and she just stared at them in disbelief! Their accents caught her off guard! Haha!

~Kennedy's dedication~

On Sunday January 29, sweet Kennedy Marie got dedicated to the Lord. It was great to see DJ and Robyn taking Kennedy's spiritual well being so seriously. We had a great lunch after church at a Woodenville Brewery (I cant remember the name) and got in a bit of family time before leaving for Oahu the next day.

~Grocery carts~

Well isn't she fancy?? She felt like a million bucks getting to ride in this cart like a big girl. Every person that walked by her she watched... making sure they say her sitting up like that. It was hysterical!

~Fun family photos~

After the huge snow, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous winter day and get some fun family pictures. I'm bummed we didn't get any of all 3 of us, but these turned out pretty cute!