Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Hawaii by the day~

August 29, 2010
Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church. We were headed out to a place in West Oahu called Hope Chapel. Derek and Michelle had gone once when they first got into town, and then when Roger (our pastor here) spoke. So we wanted to check it out! And in watching the Pastor, Mike Kai, speak, I saw quickly why he and Roger are such good friends! After church, we decided to make the trek up Diamond Head. It was tricky, but I felt like a super star when I got to the top! It's funny the little things that make me feel normal. Sometimes my heart disease can be frustrating and overwhelming, because I can't always act like a regular person. My disease has times of holding me back, but thank God, not this day! I loved it!!!

Poor Josh had the camera, we don't tend to trust me with it in situations where I could drop it or destroy it, so you mainly get to see his view of the hike! And look at Owen, sweet guy was plain tuckered out! He spent the night with us, going out to dinner and hanging out while Derek & Michelle had a much needed date night.

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