Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Georgetown, Grand Cayman~

Josh LOVES Kenny Chesney, who mostly sings about the caribbean and margaritas, so of course we had to go to Margaritaville!

Senor Frogs~ They actually had a sign by the door that was similar to "You must be this tall to ride this ride", but it was "You must be this tall to drink!"

Even far away that ship looks HUGE!

On the boat back to the ship

Before dinner...

Josh hanging out with the pig who stole his sunglasses

Grand Cayman was pretty cool. I LOVED Stingray city, and would go back to the Cayman Islands for that alone!

~Stingray City, Grand Cayman~

Swimming with Stingrays is also something I've wanted to do as long as I can remember. It's so crazy to think I've wanted to do this, seeing as how I don't like ocean water! Though, as you can see from the pictures, you totally forget you're in anything other than a pool~ I've never seen water SO clear!

On the boat heading out to Stingray City. It's nuts because out in the middle of the ocean, there's a sandbar that's too shallow for sharks, and stingrays live there with absolutely no predators. They are so accustomed to being around people they circle you for food!

I was so excited about the whole thing! We were told the water was waist deep, so I jumped right in... ya, not waist deep! I couldn't touch the bottom, and they tell you that you must shuffle along the bottom, and not bounce, so you don't step on a stingray, who will in turn sting you in defense.

Can you see the stingrays? Some of them were HUGE!!!

This one is a baby

Again, thanks Garry for taking so many pictures! We had a water proof camera with us, and though we got a few pictures, we kept forgetting to wind the film, and didn't get most of them! Sad!

I couldn't belive how close they would get! I was screaming and laughing and hanging onto Josh for dear life!

This guy in the corner ran our tour, and would give us rays to hold and kiss. He could tell them apart and had actually named a couple of them!

Thanks to Garry for this picture! Unfortunaly we didn't get pictures of me kissing the same stingray, and the ray climbing up my back! If you put squid on yourself, they shimmy up your body eating the squid! It's so crazy!

~Grand Cayman~

While on Grand Cayman we went to a Rum Factory, a turle farm, Hell, & Stingray City. After all the touristy things, we wandered around Georgetown. Seeing as how AGAIN we have a ton of pictures, here I've just uploaded the first part of the day. Stingray City & Georgetown will be in an upcoming post!

It was so early! We had to be off the ship at 7am, and in our minds, that was 4am!!!

Waiting for our tour to start

At 9am people were ENJOYING tasting the many flavors of rum the caribbean is known for! No thanks!!!

After the rum factory, we went to a turtle farm, where we actually got to hold the little guys!

I seriously was wanting to tuck this guy under my arm and just bring him home with me!

We actually met a great couple from Montana who were so kind to take pictures of us together. I was sure that all we'd have together would be self portraits! Ha!

I've wanted to go to Hell as long as I can remember. Though, I was totally disappointed! Ah well, at least I'll never want to go back!

Josh in Hell

Me in Hell. We actually sent ourselves and our moms postcards from here! They get stamped from Hell and everything! Funny!

~A Fun Day At Sea~

The first full day on the ship was spent at sea, heading towards the Cayman Islands. We took the opportunity to check out the ship, and really relax and revel in the beginning of this incredible vacation!

Kicking back and relaxing, nothing but blue ocean around!

Doing devos in the middle of nowhere, watching for flying fish and hoping to see a pod of dolphins (we didn't get to see the dolphins, sad!)

It was so great to be up and laying in the sun before 10am!

We got to putt putt golf in the middle of the ocean too!

Josh's prize winning photo catching my final putt into the hole

I could just sit and watch the sea forever

Posing for the self portrait

We had the formal night our first night, and Josh thought he'd rock his tie like the Fresh Prince of Belair!
Trying to get a great shot with the sunset, unfortunately it was so windy I could barely keep my skirt down!

At the dinner table

We came back after dinner to my FAVORITE animal as our first towel creation!

I had to get a good snuggle in!

~A Carnival Cruise~

We have just come back from an AMAZING western caribbean cruise~ Josh won the trip through work, and we were able to pick where we went and when. We chose to go on the Carnival Valor, and left out of Miami, visiting Grand Cayman, Roatan Honduras, Belize & Key West. Originally we were to go to Cozumel Mexico, but with the Swine Flu threat, they changed our port. Since there are close to a million pictures taken throughout the week, we'll be sure to post the pictures according to each day on the cruise~ enjoy!!

On our shuttle from Miami Airport to our "home" for the next week!
The ship from the shuttle
Miami's beautiful!
After a good nap and the safety drill (we should have brought the camera to that, it was hysterical!) We wandered around the ship. It was amazing!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I can't believe I forgot to post this picture! I was taking pictures of Josh for real estate, and Owen was DYING to get a picture with Joshie. He looks so shy yet so happy having his picture taken~ I love it!