Sunday, June 6, 2010

~30th Celebration~

Last week was my 30th birthday, and man did we get to celebrate! Josh woke me up with a little blue box, containing a charm bracelet! The entire day was great, having lunch with my team at work, and then having a few friends and family over that evening for Mexican and my favorite.... party chip cake! Friday night, Josh had, with MAJOR help from Michelle & Leah, thrown me a cocktail party at the Hotel Murano, in downtown Tacoma. We had great dinner at the Bite restaurant, and then Josh and I stayed at the hotel for the night. I was so incredibly spoiled by amazing people that I am so blessed to have in my life!

You'd think Leah & I were moving in!
My AMAZING cake courtesy of Michelle Zimney! It was a party chip cake!

With Linds

The Bite Restaurant at Hotel Murano

The Miskells
Troy & Linds
Michelle & me
With the Hiatts
With Leah

This one cracks me up. Linds is trying to get us all to coordinate... color dress black dress, etc. Alyssa just told Michelle she thinks she's the "big girl" in the picture, Michelle is calling her out because she's wearing HER dress, and Leah is in shock with it all... and off to the side... is Amber, smiling sweetly, hoping for a quick decent picture!

A new Juicy Couture wallet from Linds!

A new Juicy Couture jacket from Leah
Guitar Hero Aerosmith from Josh!
AND a Betsey Johnson watch from Josh
I kept questioning Amber when I was opening this!

Wearing it and LOVING it!!!

30 is going to be a great year!!!