Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today after morning services, I headed home to get ready for Derek's 30th Birthday Bash at our house. With the Patsey's just getting back from Oahu Friday, the last thing they needed was to try to have their house ready for guests. So we gladly opened our doors for it. Derek had a great turnout, and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves! Derek & Michelle leave with some friends bright and early tomorrow morning for Derek's birthday present, a trip to Vegas. Owen will be spending the week between our house and Grammy's house. Tonight I thought I'd let him fall asleep and sneak in a take a picture of him, and instead spent 10 minutes laughing so hard with him my stomach was hurting! He wasn't asleep, and we kept trying to take a picture of him with his eyes open in the dark... as you can see it didn't really work, but we sure enjoyed the pictures!
Here he is pretending to be asleep, thought it'd be a funny one. I love that his little cheeks are showing his smile!


Nicole said...

Oh, that last picture is too cute!! You can totally tell he is awake and smiling!! Kids can be so funny!!

Michelle said...

What a cheese ball! I miss that little face!