Thursday, September 30, 2010


Team Camp! Tonight starts an 8 week series here at Foursquare Church, titled Team Camp. I'm really looking forward to everything we're going to learn from this class!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So in all the traveling both Josh and I have done, neither of us have been on a plane that's been put "in a holding pattern" due to weather. We took off out of Vegas, and thanks to some fabulous tail winds, we were looking at getting into Seattle a whole 1/2 hour early. And then we got to Seattle. The fog was so thick we circled about the clouds for 45 minutes. Such an odd feeling to know you're miles high in the air making wide circles...


Who watches Pawn Stars?? We do, all four of us, and we're hysterically addicted to it. So of COURSE if you're in love with the show like we are, you take the duece down to the shop itself! Though we didn't see anybody we knew from the show, there were several items there that we'd seen ON the show! good times!


350am alarm, torturous. 6am flight to Vegas, overwhelming. Spending 3 days out of town with the amazing friends we have in Ray & Leah Stroud? Worth putting up with the other 2! We got a killer deal on a Vegas trip, so the four of us made the trip for Ray's birthday, and our anniversary!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here's to ONE full year of marriage! I had to work this morning, so after services Josh picked me up, and we headed out to Stanley & Seaforts for a late lunch, before watching "The Town". Great food, great movie! After the movie, we went home and did the traditional eating of the year old frozen wedding cake! Now, I don't know how Sara Boyle did it, or how our friend Stephanie McGee froze it, but we were actually able to eat it without problems! I had to take a picture of the cake, I just love how cute our cake was!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


God love laundry day! After sleeping in until 10a (SO NEEDED!!!!) I started the daunting task of washing clothes. It's done with an element of excitement today though, we leave for VEGAS Monday morning with the Fabulous Strouds! We can't wait!!!
Along with the excitement of Vegas, comes the bittersweetness of the Puyallup Fair. We love the fair, though this year it's been a bit of a thorn in my side. I've never had to deal with fair traffic and work, even when I lived downtown. It just didn't seem this chaotic. Tomorrow is the last day of the fair, and though I love it, I also can't wait for it to be over. I'm ready for an easy commute again! Tonight after church Josh and I took what may be our last stroll through the fair this year. It felt like the movie Big! You know, the one with Tom Hanks? Just the sounds and the people, and the vibe of the whole place! I loved it!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I spent the whole afternoon with Amber & Rylee Miskell. I stinking love those girls! Cant get enough of just lazing around and visiting with them! It's the best feeling to know that you can lounge on the couch, read a magazine and just be in each other's presence and feel good about it! Definitely over due and much needed!

Amber is pregnant with her 2nd little girl, miss Stevie Dawn, who's due January 13. We spent some time upstairs going through all the fun stuff she had for her, and I just couldn't get over how tiny the shoes were, so I had to take a picture and send it to Josh! The quality is horrid, but it's a tiny pair of white shoes, up against my size 8 boot! I can't wait to have tiny feet like that in our home! You'll have to forgive the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As admin at Foursquare Church, there are times where we leave for training. In May Michelle and I went to Dallas, Texas for a week long training on Fellowhsip One; the program we use for communication, etc. Fellowship One decided to do a "road show" and had set up one day trainings in major cities around the nation. This was our day. We headed out to Grace Community Church and spent the day learning new and exciting things the program can do for us. Definitely not the most exciting thing for us, but it was nice to get to all be together! While we were there, Shannon, the admin for the facilities team, got a traumatizing phone call. Her brother was in an accident at work, and was being airlifted to Harborview. He had almost totally amputated his own hand with a machine. She left to go take care of that, and we spent the afternoon worrying and praying for her family!

After the training, Josh and I headed out to Gig Harbor High School, to watch miss Madison Hiatt in a volleyball jamboree. She is such a doll, and the oldest of the 4 kids our dear friends Steve & Thea Hiatt have. After the jamboree we headed out to the Hiatt compound, and had dinner and just got a chance to visit. We haven't had time like that with them in TOO LONG, and my heart was so full when we left! When they're youngest, Jessica, went to bed, she requested that I read her a book, and how can I tell her no??? She was one of our flower girls in our wedding, and one of the most adorable, firey girls you'll ever meet. So we sat down to read, and I ended up with a book called "The princess & the 3 Knights". What a book! Absolutely precious, and based on God. Loved it! Definitely a princess book for sure with knights proving themselves for her hand. So that became my photo of the day. A book I want my little girls to know and love! If you have girls, I definitely suggest you get this book too...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love my blackberry. Let me rephrase that... I LOVED my blackberry. It crashed on me Tuesday night. I've had it for almost 2 yrs and I've loved it. After the crash, I debated on going for the newest blackberry, or stepping it up and getting a Droid. I went with the Droid. This phone is awesome! How funny that 10 yrs ago, I was learning how to send text messages, on my old Nokia, you know the ones, where you had the interchangeable case covers?? Haha! They didn't even have color screens! And look at how far we've come!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This morning I went and got a hair cut with Lindsay Parks/Smith out at Salon Studio in Bonney Lake. She is such a sweet girl, and did a KILLER job with my hair! I'm so pleased with it! I would post a picture I took in the elevator when I left to send to Josh, but that seems oddly vain... so we'll move on with the day!
After my appointment with Lindsay, I met Michelle and Owen over at Leah's house, and we all piled into the Armada and headed out to Clancy's Coffee. Michelle hadn't been there yet, so it was fun to get to show it off to her! The boys were hysterical, sitting in the way back in their car seats watching Bolt on the DVD player. Poor Owen threw up on the way home though... we're thinking it was too many sweets, and after a super long night last night, and then being that far back in the car... I know another little boy who can't sit in the way back and watch tv without doing that very same thing! We all just went back to Ray and Leah's and spent the evening together. Normally on Tuesdays we have our So Long Insecurity study, but it was just Leah, Michelle, Mom and myself, and then Ashley got there at about 730p. My phone started freaking out today, so I made my way out shortly after, and planned on having Josh meet me at Verizon, when my car started sputtering. Big time. Not fun when you're in the dark, on meridian, by yourself. So he met me at Albertsons, and we switched cars and headed to Pep Boys, where they're running diagnostics on it and fixing it for us tomorrow. Then we headed over to Verizon. At Foursquare, our main mode of communication between staff members is text message, and with my phone not receiving 1/2 of them, I knew I needed to have it looked at. I found a new phone, and because they didn't have any in stock tonight, they gave us $50 off! So I go get my new phone AND my fixed car tomorrow. Thank God for Josh, being such a rock for me. If I didn't have him I would've just sat down and cried!

Monday, September 20, 2010


What a day! This morning I got up, and headed out to the Ear Nose and Throat Dr. Before we went to Hawaii I went in to my primary care for an ear infection, and they found something odd behind my right ear drum. I'd been experiencing dizziness in the car and they were thinking that whatever they could see behind my eardrum was the culprit, and sent me to an ENT. I go in and I'm super nervous, because when I was little I had a ear drum infection, and they had to put drops on my actual ear drum to try to heal it, and it was the worst pain I'd ever experienced. I was SURE they'd have to do that again today. Needless to say there was no breakfast for me before I left! When the Dr looked in my right ear, he laughed! My first thought was, "what - are they dirty??? I clean them out every day!" He pulled the instrument from my ear and told me "I wish I had medical students in here right now! It is incredibly rare to see this! Your right ear drum is so nice and clear that I can actually see the 3 bones BEHIND it! And their the 3 smallest bones in your body!" Are you kidding?? That's why the primary care didn't know what they were looking at! That took a weight off my shoulders, however, I knew I was still experiencing random pain in my ears and bouts of dizziness. He looked in my nose and throat and knew instantly why. I apparently have HORRIBLE allergies. Something I've lived with most my life without notice, and so he's started me on a prescription to take care of business! So thank God for that! I was ready for them to tell me I had some weird form of ear cancer or something! Dramatic... I know.

This evening was spent sharing in the wedding celebration of Jessica Reich and Josh Blakeslee. Jessica I work with at Foursquare, and Josh is a leader for the Jr High and High School ministries, along with an avid basketball player at the YMCA. They are 2 of the sweetest people I know, and it was so much fun to get to share in their day! Derek was a groomsman, and Owen was a ring bearer, and he did such a GREAT job! The boys got to carry basketballs down the aisle, and they felt like super stars! Owen also helped people find their seats before the wedding. It was too much. After the ceremony, they had a quick reception in the lobby, greeting those who came, and then they "left" and met the family and staff back in the gymnasium for dancing and great food! I really wish Josh would dance, he's not big into it at all, but thankfully I had girls like Amber Alseth, Carly Melius, Erika Blanco, and Karen Try to rock out with. Oh! And Owen kept asking (hysterically loudly) during the toasts when the dance party was going to start, and he danced his little rear off! It was a great night, and I'm so thankful to have Jessica and Josh in our lives!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Are you kidding me?? I forgot AGAIN! Haha! I'm definitely going to need to start setting an alarm clock or something! Sunday started out like any other for us, Josh opening at the coffee shop, and me up for Sunday services at Foursquare. Normally, I try to squeeze in a nap after services, but instead Josh and I took a much needed trip to the Fair! We had burgers, and nachos, and ice cream, and got to check out a bunch of things that we didn't get to take the time to go through when we had Owen with us. It was a drizzly afternoon, so we just bundled up and had a blast! We've only got one week left at the Fair, so here's to getting out there a few more times!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

~Free Your Glee!

While Derek and Michelle were in Vegas, Mom, Josh and I took care of the Owenator. With Josh and I both having Mondays off, we thought a great day to spend that day with Owen would be to take him to the fair! He had a BLAST! He road 7 rides, 2 of which were actual roller coasters. And he was WAY more brave than I was going on the Ferris wheel! He got to see all the animals, and even got a HUGE lollipop for being such a good boy! We met up with Leah and Mikey for the last 30 minutes we were there, but by that time we had one EXHAUSTED 3 yr old on our hands!

We couldn't get that sweet boy to wear the fireman's jacket!
He was so stoked about the petting zoo, he got to pet a bunny and a sheep!
The first ride of the day!

Owen straight RAN to this ride, it was so cute! I didn't think he'd be brave enough quite yet for the roller coasters, but he LOVED it!

Sunday night Owen and I were talking about the fair and he said he wanted to ride the helicopter, but that I couldn't go with him, i needed a HUGE one. Thanks kid!

The motorcycles ended up not being as cool as he thought they'd be... at least not right after the roller coaster!
He liked the fun house, though there were a couple of completely dark hallways he wasn't TOO fond of, so I'm glad I went with him.

Second roller coaster of the day!


A gift from sweet sweet Erika Blanco! I LOVE these shoes! I had just bought a really cute pair of black booties to possibly wear in Robyn's wedding next month, and now I have this awesome pair of gray ones too! Who's down to help me find a great BROWN pair?? Then the bootie collection will be complete!


So I LOVE my job. I love the people I work with, I love that everything about being a part of Foursquare Church. Yesterday, our senior pastor emailed me some information he wanted formatted in a way that would look decent to be handed out to all of the church goers this weekend. Sure, sounds easy, right? Yea... not always. After a 15 hour work day, I feel slightly cross eyed! Thank God for Josh, Amber Alseth, and Shannon Redfern, who so graciously hung out until MIDNIGHT to help get the packets together with me! I turned on my itunes, Shannon brought 1/2 of Safeway, and with the great company, we got the job done!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Owen is in a wedding this Monday, for our friends Jessica Reich and Josh Blakeslee. He will again adorn his "prince costume" and walk the aisle... though he's a tad confused because in his mind he married ME last September, and sees no need to walk down the aisle again! Haha! I took him to the Men's Wearhouse to get his suit's final fitting, and they didn't have anything ready but his tie, so we took a picture to send Mommy & Daddy in Vegas! Forgive the quality, it was taken with my phone! But he's looking a bit stylish rocking the t-shirt and tie! I love this guy so much!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This guy has absolutely melted my heart today. Mikey is 3 1/2 yrs old, and the son of one of my best friends, Leah Stroud. I've known him since he was about 6 months old, but he and I have really bonded in the last few months. Today, out of the blue, he started calling me Auntie! And each time he does, he grins at Leah. She said he asked her if he could call me that today. How precious! I love that little guy!

~Hawaii by the day~

September 1, 2010
Sad day... this is our trip home! We had such a great time!

We could see the Patsey's building, and Owen's lagoon!

Hunauma Bay
Yeah we don't look so alive and happy to be on the plane this time! It was late and we were TIRED!
What splendor! This picture doesn't even show the complexity of the sunset over the Pacific. It was every color of the rainbow, and breath taking!

~Hawaii by the day~

August 31, 2010
We spent Tuesday at Waimea Bay as well. We just couldn't get enough of it's beauty! As soon as we got on the sand, we could see them. A pod of at least 50 dolphins playing in the bay! Owen and I RAN to the water! I couldn't wait to get in and be as close as I could to wild dolphins. Yes, we played with one in Honduras, but Fiona was trained, raised in captivity. I have had a love for dolphins for as long as i could remember! And it was crazy, you could feel the vibrations from the clicking/talking the dolphins were doing, and if you put your head in the water, you could hear them loud and clear! It was incredible! We were all warned to stay near the shore, because with dolphins, come other LARGE predators... sharks. But, we weren't letting that ruin our day!

It was super hard to get pictures of the dolphins, but you can see a few dorsal fins here

They were playing, it was so cool! They were tossing tuna fish through the air, and they kept jumping out of the water and splashing each other!

Derek was the only one to brave the rock! Roger told us about the rock jumping here, and it looks so cool, but it's a bit intimidating. You have to time it with a wave, and though the water gets deep super quick, I just couldn't get excited for it!

Can you see the dolphin???

The Patseys, we may have missed you while you were gone, but thanks for living in PARADISE and allowing us to visit!

Promptly after this picture was taken, my sweet husband chose to dunk me. I can't complain though, it felt so good to just let go and really play in the water!