Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~Big Girl Food~

Eme started big girl food today! She has been showing serious interest in actual food lately so we decided once she hit 5 months, we would start introducing solids. Tonight was the first meal, and it was bananas. We got a magic bullet at our baby shower, so we pureed a banana and she really liked it!

All ready to try it!
Not quite sure what to think....

~5 Months!~

Five months old! I can't believe it! This little girl brings us so much joy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

~Barnard/ Patsey Sleepover~

We had quite the winter storm this year... giving us over a foot of snow, and an ice storm before the snow had a chance to melt! We thankfully never lost power, and ended up having Michelle and the boys stay with us for 4 nights... we had a blast! It was great to get that extra time with them knowing that they would be headed to Hawaii to stay for a bit.

~New Years 2012~

For the last couple years Josh and I have had friends over to ring in the new year. This year Emerson decided to debut her "sitting up" skills... and without pouting this time! We all made it to midnight, and even toasted the new year to champagne. Looking forward to next year!