Sunday, November 29, 2009

~Group Shots~

FYI~ TONS of pictures to follow! We had a great group of loved ones surrounding us on our day~ and therefore have close to a million pictures to show off! everything from the kids playing with a cat during group pictures, to Josh getting love from Derek!

Owen being patient and waiting for his turn

Just making sure Sharon knows where her contacts are...reason #482 i love Sharon!

Gotta love Derek
Derek & Michelle lovin' on us (Matron of Honour & Best man, my sister & his best friend)

Jerell, one of Josh's best friends from school & Robyn, his baby sister
Josh getting a good kiss in from Derek, his best man

Jessica Shea & Savannah with the barn's resident cat

Ray & Leah Stroud, two of the greatest friends we could ask for!
Lindsey, Josh's 2nd wife, Steve the "other" in his bromance, & Jessica

Josh's sister Angie & his college roommate Adam
My partner in crime, Sharon, and Josh's great friend Justin
Our AWESOME pastor, Roger Archer
Giggling with Sharon & Linds
Kiss that face!

Getting a kiss from my baby sister!

My best friend in the world, Amber & Joshs long time friend RJ

Sweet, blinged out Jessica Hiatt

~Just the Two of Us~

We had such a great time having our engagement pictures taken by Stepheni that we knew our wedding photography would go off without a hitch! We had a great time taking our pictures, and it was almost funny to hear the family and friends off in the distance watching!

~Getting Ready~

The morning of the wedding was pretty crammed full! Lindsey & Leah met me at my house and we headed out to get our hair done at The Secret Spa & Salon. Afterwards we headed to the MAC counter at the Tacoma Nordstrom to get the eyes and lashes done. Then we had time to hit up Red Robin for the best thing on the menu~ Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wraps! We all love them! When we got down to the barn, most of the bridal party and those helping run the show were there, so it was off to get the dress on and start the pictures! Thanks to Mason Jar Photography, we got a TON of great pictures to show off! I'm looking forward to being able to show off those that were taken by Caleb Erlenmyer of Erlenmyer Photgraphy and Design too! Sharon, Caleb's wife, was one of my bridesmaids (in orange, shorter hair) and Caleb wanted to practice his already INCREDIBLE talents on our day, and who would say no to that??

~Red Barn Studios September 26, 2009~

Josh and I had been talking off and on about what we would want our wedding to be like so when he popped the question, we had a pretty good idea of what type of place we wanted to get married in. We googled "barn weddings in Washington state", and after a slew of places claiming to be barns, and not at all what we were looking for, we came apon Red Barn Studios, in Chehalis. Before we had done anything more than pull off the main road onto the property Josh was dreaming up our ceremony and reception.