Saturday, June 13, 2009

~Something Beautiful~

After getting home from the cruise, my girlfriends and I attended an event at Puyallup Foursquare called "Something Beautiful". The girls at church got all dolled up and enjoyed an evening of great food, great company, and a great message, given by Mrs. Julia Veach. We had a great time!

Leah & I before dinner

That gorgeous girl directly to my left is a former Miss Alaska, and so we had to get one with the "pageant poses"!

Another one with all the gorgeous ladies!

Me with Miss Alexandra Bryant, all grown up! I took care of this beauty when she was little!

~Key West~

Key West was a detour for our cruise. We originally were to go to Cozumel where we had signed up to climb the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Because of the swine flu, our stop was cancelled, and instead we spent a day in Key West. At first, we weren't too excited about the idea, but Key West was pretty great! We took a trip on a glass bottom boat, which also got rerouted. We were supposed to go to the Pacific side and look for Hammerhead sharks, and because of 30 knot winds, we ended up in the Gulf of Mexico, so no sharks... though we caught glimpses of a couple sea turtles, and a wild dolphin! We spent the rest of the day wandering a VERY unique city!

Hanging out on the glass bottom boat

Awesome, Josh with a man made out of natural Sea Sponge... good news, he doesn't stink like you'd think he would!

Crazy tree we found in town

Josh got a little "captain" in him!

Auntie had this picture taken just for Owen...that blasted bird kept coming towards me, he could smell my fear!

Because every city should have a HUGE couple dancing

Handsome Josh waiting for dinner
Hanging out in the cigar lounge, I think he found a new hobby!

And, we were greeted after dinner by a rather large snake!


In Belize we chose to spend the day on what was described as a "private island". I guess it's private if the other people there are 300 of your closest friends! We spent the entire day just laying in sun chairs reading and enjoying the scenery. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Our view was for the day

I was super excited because you got a fresh coconut with coconut juice and rum, and though it looked cool, it sure didn't taste all that great!

Josh entertaining himself... he attempted this shot MANY times after this, but nothing beat this first one!

Getting some love from the greatest man I know!

Seriously, this plant is HUGE!!

All burnt and tan enjoying a walk aruond the ship after dinner
And it's a monkey tonight!

Monday, June 1, 2009

~Tabyana Beach, Roatan Honduras~

We didn't take many pictures at Tabyana Beach. We spent most of our time just relaxing with our sun chairs on the water's edge. I attempted snorkeling, and I am DEFINITELY going to need some practice doing it before we go on vacation again!

Isn't this place beautiful? I told Josh we are for sure coming back to Honduras for a vacation. Whoud would ever have thought that the country of Honduras would be a delectible tourist destination??!!

Here I am soaking up the sun and LOVING the warm clear water

Gotta love Josh and that camera! Sorry most of these pictures are of me! :-)

We really enjoyed our afternoon at Tabyana beach, and on our bus ride back to the ship, we met a family from PUYALLUP! Actually, one of the women lives 3 blocks from me! Crazy! At the end of our night, burnt and exhausted we came back to the room with a bulldog for a towel creation! Josh was in heaven! Unfortunately, for the next year or so, that's the closest he'll come to owning one!

~Roatan, Honduras- Anthony's Key Resort~

Here we are just before we got off the ship for Roatan. This island was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. The jungles were the kind you only see on tv.
When we got off the ship, one of these girls grabbed me and started dancing, and I was like "This is great!!!" Suddenly they had Josh next to me, and he's not much of a dancer, so I was surprised. They grabbed us, posed for a picture, then pointed at a cash jar! Ha! We totally fell for the biggest tourist trap ever! I felt like we HAD to give them something decent, even though there wasn't a set amount. I got caught off guard like this in Key West too!

Here we are waiting for our tour to start. We signed up to swim with dolphins, and go to Tabyana Beach. The resort and the beach were on opposite sides of the island and I wish I would've taken pictures of the jungles we drove through!

Meet Fiona! She was our dolphin for the morning, and such a sweetheart! I'd never touched a dolphin before, and they feel like wet suits!

Josh getting a kiss from Fiona

Josh was teasing me because I was smiling so big when she was kissing me!

In the water enjoying our time with Fiona

I did NOT want to get out!

I only pretended to hold her, she weighs 250 pounds!

Isn't this place gorgeous??!!