Saturday, September 18, 2010

~Free Your Glee!

While Derek and Michelle were in Vegas, Mom, Josh and I took care of the Owenator. With Josh and I both having Mondays off, we thought a great day to spend that day with Owen would be to take him to the fair! He had a BLAST! He road 7 rides, 2 of which were actual roller coasters. And he was WAY more brave than I was going on the Ferris wheel! He got to see all the animals, and even got a HUGE lollipop for being such a good boy! We met up with Leah and Mikey for the last 30 minutes we were there, but by that time we had one EXHAUSTED 3 yr old on our hands!

We couldn't get that sweet boy to wear the fireman's jacket!
He was so stoked about the petting zoo, he got to pet a bunny and a sheep!
The first ride of the day!

Owen straight RAN to this ride, it was so cute! I didn't think he'd be brave enough quite yet for the roller coasters, but he LOVED it!

Sunday night Owen and I were talking about the fair and he said he wanted to ride the helicopter, but that I couldn't go with him, i needed a HUGE one. Thanks kid!

The motorcycles ended up not being as cool as he thought they'd be... at least not right after the roller coaster!
He liked the fun house, though there were a couple of completely dark hallways he wasn't TOO fond of, so I'm glad I went with him.

Second roller coaster of the day!


Nicole said...

Okay, you guys look like you had a blast! So jealous! I wanna go to the fair too! :)

Michelle said...

I still can't believe he went on all those rides... especially the hellicopter! he screamed so loud on that one last year and had to have it stopped so he could get off!