Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~Divine Miss Em- NINE months!~

It all seems to happen in the blink of an eye. 

~Michelle Ginette is 30~

I can't believe Michelle is 30!  Partly because it seems like just yesterday we were little, but also because it means I'm still older, and I'm not quite sure how i feel about that!  I reserved the special room at Mama Stortinis and invited all of Michelle's favorite girls.  Annie Culp made her cake (it was incredible!) and everybody really seemed to enjoy themselves!

~Emerson is 8 months old~

i still cannot believe she has been around this long already!  seems like just yesterday we brought her home to be with us!  Funny girl was so proud of her shoes!

~Happy Easter!~

~Showing off skills~

she stands!

~UW vs WSU - a house divided~

Ladies night at church for March was of course March Madness.  So, Eme and I dressed to support Josh, in UDUB, and Michelle and Ryken dressed to support Derek, in WSU. 

~Happy St Patricks Day!~

Our precious little got to celebrate her 1/4 Irish heritage today!