Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Anatomy Ultrasound~

This morning we had our 2nd anatomy ultrasound. We had one a few weeks ago, but our OBYGN was VERY displeased with how they took pictures, so he had it rescheduled. It was so fun to get to see her again!

Josh took this picture right before we left the house.... I can't believe we're 6 months already!

I was so excited to see that upper lip! When I smile mine disappears and I've been praying that our sweet girl gets Josh's mouth... and it's looking like she did!

Emerson does not curl up like most babies in utero do. She tends to actually keep her arms above her head! Haha! She's got all the room in the world in my long torso, and she appears to be taking advantage of it.

When the tech got this picture we all giggled. This girl has big feet! She comes by it honestly though... they run on both sides of the family!

This afternoon I had an echocardiogram. My cardiologist checks my heart each trimester to make sure it's handling the pregnancy well, and there were no changes from last time, which is great news! If i can psych myself into getting pregnant again, at least I know my heart will handle it well!

I have my follow up appointment next Thursday for my surgery last week, and though I get drained SUPER easy right now, I'm feeling so much better. And my Dr was PHENOMENAL with the incision... even now, there's no color on the scar! It's barely noticeable!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Home again~

This morning I got cleared by both Dr Majors and the nurses at the hospital to come home. First Josh got me into a nice hot shower, and sitting on the seat (yes, I had to sit like an old lady!!) and feeling the hot water almost made me cry. i know, i know, a lot has brought me close to tears lately, but it's the little luxories in life, you know? Anyway, Josh was so great staying right by my side just in case i needed him, and after my shower i got to get into my OWN pajamas! it was amazing! Then the nurse came to take out my staples. She did such a great job, I only barely felt 2 of them coming out. We then packed everything up and headed home. I thought being home would be fabulous. It's been difficult. Josh has been phenomenal, but the hospital beds were made to keep any tension off of the stomach, and the hand railings on the side made it easier to get out of bed, and well, Josh was right there. He won't be in bed with me the next couple nights so that I get sleep and don't feel him moving around, and even though i know it's a smart decision, it's sad to not have him next to me.

My mother in law came over this evening with a bunch of yummy snacks for me to enjoy so i can take my vicodin, and get both me and Emerson ready for real food again. My mom and Aunt Lana will be cooking up a storm over the weekend getting our freezer filled with meals for 2 so that I can relax, and Josh can work and relax when home! We've got some great family!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~The Joys of Surgery~

So last week I was having pretty mild pain on my right side. Nothing major, not even enough to warrant much tylenol. Anf then along came Saturday. Saturday night everything on my right side from my groin to may natural waist line just killed me. I ended up with no sleep Saturday night, and not getting out of bed at all on Sunday. Sunday night was the same painful ritual as the night before. I would cry, and cry, unable to find a comfortable position, and unable to even breathe in deeply. So first thing Monday morning I called the multicare nursing line, and she told me to get dressed and go straight to see Dr Majors. If he couldn't see me fist thing I was to go to the ER at Good Sam. Well, we go to Dr Major's office, and though he couldn't get me in right at 915a he could get me in at 1030a, so we ran and got breakfast and headed back. He checked Eme's heart rate which was just fine, and started thinking that it could very well be my appendix. So he called Puyallup Surgical Consultants, and sent us straight over to see Dr King. Dr King felt around a bunch on my stomach, and thought the same thing, so he sent us to Good Sam to check into labor and delivery to get checked in and set up so that they could do an ultrasound. Everything was so surreal at this point. I was banded, checked in to a room in the Family Birthing Center, and told to just rest until they did the ultrasound. It was funny because the new patient tower at Good Sam is SO new that it took 3 or 4 women to get us wheeled to the right room! We got into have the ultrasound, and the technician started with looking at Emerson, making sure whatever it was hurting me wasn't hurting her as well. She put the doppler on my stomach and Eme went crazy showing off. First shot was a PERFECT shot of her face. so perfect that we could see that she has my chin! She would lay there and swallow, and breathr through her mouth, and it was precious. First ultrasound of her that made me cry, it was awesome! Then they went to look at my appendix, and they actually couldn't even see it because of what they thought was my right ovary. It was HUGE! The size of a tennis ball! They assured me that I'd be able to have almost the exact fertility rate if they did remove it, and sent us back to the room. Dr. King came in and informed us that they would be removing the right ovary either that night or the next morning. And there was no fear in me. I just wanted whatever was hurting me out before it could hurt Eme. I called Sarah to let her know that i in fact wouldn't be at work on Tuesday due to surgery, and while we were chatting the nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV telling me that in 2 short hours time i'd be in surgery. Awesome. Robyn and mom got here first, so they got to join us in Pre-Op, and see them get me all prepped for surgery, which was cool to have Robyn there, because she's my sister in law, and I love her so much, and to know that she dropped everything to be there for me was so sweet! I went into surgery at 630p and woke up before 8p. I heard voices and could kind of see that i was in Post - Op, and I heard Dr Majors tell me that I still had my right ovary and appendix, but that he removed a tennis ball sized fibrous tumor from the outside of my uterus. what?? no cancer worries or scares, apparently these are very common for pregnant women, but they don't always get so big, and therefore the pain isn't intolerable. And once the baby's born they just go away. Mine was a doesy. Anyway, I'm listening to him tell me this, and then I saw Josh and Owen. They came to say hi and tell me they loved me. I almost cried when I saw Owen. I knew I would see Josh, but to get to have my 4 yr old nephew come see me too was too much. A bunch of my family was there waiting for me, along with a couple friends. They brought me back to my room, and I crashed. I've spent the last couple days just kind of in and out of consciousness. Last night was the first incident of getting out of bed to go to the bathroom or to walk that didn't end in dry heaves, thank God! I wish I could put into words how incredible Josh has been through this. He sleeps on the couch in here every night, and is here for me with ANYTHING i need. The nurses keep telling me how lucky I am to have him, because they rarely see men help their wives out so much. The staff here has been fabulous. Michelle brought me in her DVD player and about a million movies to choose from to watch. Amber came by yesterday, Lindsey today. Angie came by yesterday afternoon only for me to fall asleep mid conversation with her. I did the same thing last night to my mom, my cousin katie, and friend Molly. Good times! But everybody's been really understanding. Sarah and Zach even brought flowers and chocolate milk (a pregnancy staple for both me and Sarah) and sour skittles for when i can have regular solid foods. Everybody 's been so great. The nursing staff here has been so fabulous. If it wasn't for the 20 staples in my groin area, I'd honestly feel like I was at a 5 star hotel. Nice to know that when we come back to have Emerson we'll get to see some of these amazing ladies again!

There is a great possibility that I get to go home tomorrow, and hallelujah! I finally get to shower this afternoon! i can't wait for that! :-) What a ride, huh?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Doctor's Appt~

We had another Dr's appointment today! Right before my appointment, without thinking, I had a Tall Raspberry Green Tea Frappacino. Emerson was going WILD! When the tech put the doppler on my stomach to hear her heart beat she could feel her kicking around like crazy! It was pretty cool. We got another referral for an ultrasound, which we'll have Friday, March 25th. Bright at early again at 7a! I'm trying to schedule them around my work schedule so I'm not gone all the time... so super early it is! This time we'll get pictures as well. Dr Majors was not at all pleased with how we were taken care of with the last ultrasound. We didn't get pictures, and the girl just stopped, saying that she couldn't get all the measurements, yet we were 18 weeks, and everything she DID measure was measuring true to gestation. He's thinking she was being lazy, and is actually scheduling an appointment himself to talk with the imaging company because apparently we aren't the only couple kind of brushed off with our anatomy ultrasound.

It also sounds like we've finally gotten Maternity Leave figured out at work! I am officially the first pastor to still be on staff this far into pregnancy, and so until now, nothing had been put in place. Sarah was pretty happy to see that things were in place, since she's due 7 weeks after me, and Jessica had a weight lifted off her shoulders, because she and her husband will be trying for their first baby this fall! Glad I could lead the way! :-)

With the round ligament pain gone, I'm really getting to enjoy those moments when Eme rolls around. Every night I get up about 215-230a to go to the bathroom, and I'll crawl back into bed, and put my hands on my stomach, and just feel her kick. I was sure that her movements would be creepy, but I love them. With every little roll and kick I feel like she's letting me know that she's ok! Though part of me is wondering if this sweet girl will EVER sit still!

Monday, March 7, 2011

~Squirmy Girl!~

I am constantly on the go. Work keeps me going 6 days a week. So, the movement has been "rocking" Emerson to sleep. Today, I completely stopped. I vegged ALL day. And Eme wasn't exactly happy with me. She was a squirmy worm the entire day! Though any and every time I grab Josh so he can feel her, she stops. I think this little lady and I need to have a talk, because her daddy is super excited to feel her! :-)

Tomorrow we are officially at the half way mark! I can't believe it's been 20 weeks already! I'll have to take another belly picture and get it uploaded to share. I've been dealing with the round ligament pain here the last few days, which hasn't been much fun at all. My uterus is so tipped that along with muscles stretching, my uterus is actually MOVING. There have been times over the last few days where the pain has actually taken my breath away. I'm definitely looking forward to my uterus evening out to where it's supposed to be!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~Spoiled much?~

So we found out Monday morning that we were having a girl. By Monday evening, this girl had about a million things! My best friend Amber came by with some ADORABLE onesies, and then Michelle and Owen came by with about a dozen great outfits, along with a "dingy" toy that Owen felt Emerson needed. That evening Mom and I went to Target and hit up their Carters racks. Tuesday at lunch I went to Gymboree and found a couple great little outfits, and Lindsey came over that evening with some more fun stuff from Gymboree! This girl's got a closet full and we've only known she is a "she" for 2 whole days! I can't wait to get her nursery started, and really truly prepare for her! Here are pictures of the fun things everybody got for Eme already!

I bought this at Gymboree... the bloomers are backwards so you can see the bum decor! I can't wait to have her pictures taken in this!

I actually bought this cute little blue and brown outfit for Josh's cousin's baby... however I never got in the mail, and now, miss Emerson will wear it!

Lindsey came over with this on Tuesday night! I bought Amber's daughter Stevie a strawberry outfit and now the girls can match in their fun outfits!

I bought this dress at Gymboree as well. My mom is going to make Eme green and white mary janes with little gold buttons to match.

Josh met mom and I at Target, and picked this outfit out. The little yellow onesie says "Little Lady", and he fell in love with it.

Michelle brought this dress over. I love the flowers on it! And i LOVE that she is a summer baby, such cute TINY summer clothes!

Amber brought this onesie over, and I am now on the hunt for a turquoise tutu for a newborn so Eme can have her picture taken in it as well!

Amber also brought this over, how appropriate! :-)

And Amber brought this one as well.. it's a 3 month, and it looks so big to me! I can't believe Eme will grow right into it!

This one is HYSTERICAL to me. Josh HAD to have it, so my mom bought it. We both laugh about it when we think about it, but hey... Josh can't wait to see her in it!

Mom picked this one out, and it is by far the tiniest outfit we've gotten. When Josh holds it, it fits right in his hands!

Josh also picked this outfit out. He's picked it up several times and is so proud of his choice!

Lindsey brought these sweet jammies over on Tuesday as well. If you look closely you can see the design is TINY little weiner dogs! I love it!

Another pick from Josh. Mom found the blankets, which are going to be SO useful, and Josh was excited to see that we got them as well, because he loves the monkeys!

Mom picked this up especially for Josh. She wanted to make sure he started embracing his daddy roll to a baby girl right away! :-)

Amber brought this to me the day I found out I was pregnant. I called her because I couldn't quite tell if there was a second line, and once I took the digital test, she ran out and bought the baby's first outfit!

Michelle brought these jammies, they're zip up, and she SWEARS by them. They're so cute, and Eme will look so snuggly in them!

Michelle brought this outfit as well. I love the little polka dot pants!

Owen picked out this outfit more for Uncle Joshie. He thought Uncle Joshie needed it to put Emerson in. How precious!

I love the flower on the bum! Michelle brought this as well, and it's just adorable!

Michelle really spoiled us! These tiny little onesies will be perfect if we have the summer "they're" telling us we'll have

I bought this skirt at Gymboree... I want to get a cute top and white leggings to go with it, but you only have so much time on your lunch break to shop!

Mom bought bottles, and nipples, and binkies, and shoes for Eme. Michelle picked out the headbands, and Owen insisted Emerson got a toy. So, he got her the butterfly toy for her car seat.

Owen actually stressed out tonight with Mom and Michelle! He was so concerned that Emerson didn't have everything she needed yet, and he wanted to go buy it all tonight! Such a sweet boy!