Sunday, September 5, 2010


It dawned on me this morning that I failed to take a picture for the 4th! So, instead, though it's a bit more boring, I thought I'd continue with yesterday's trend and give a bit of an inside look into my day.

Saturdays are special to me in that I spend the majority of the morning in bed! With weekend services being surprisingly draining, I soak up relaxation everywhere I can get it. So, this Saturday, I got out of bed at 930a, drove to Starbucks, got my Americano, and came back home to relax and catch an episode of 90210... yes, I'm aware I'm a bit obsessed. Though, instead of staying in bed until noon, I got my lazy rear up, and hit the treadmill! I haven't worked out in ENTIRELY too long, and with us thinking about having babies soon, I need to get my game on! Let me tell you that my legs and butt were not exactly pleased with me today.

Weekend services started out with my mom helping me get everything set up for communion. No simple task, let me tell you. 39 trays, each holding 40 cups, TINY cups, that we fill with a cracker, stack a 2nd cup onto the top, and fill that cup with grape juice. Now, I don't do math in my head, but I DO know that's close to a million cups! :-) I'm so grateful for my mom's help, we always have great conversation and enjoy each other's company!

Well, I promise to have pictures back up for Sunday!

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