Monday, September 20, 2010


What a day! This morning I got up, and headed out to the Ear Nose and Throat Dr. Before we went to Hawaii I went in to my primary care for an ear infection, and they found something odd behind my right ear drum. I'd been experiencing dizziness in the car and they were thinking that whatever they could see behind my eardrum was the culprit, and sent me to an ENT. I go in and I'm super nervous, because when I was little I had a ear drum infection, and they had to put drops on my actual ear drum to try to heal it, and it was the worst pain I'd ever experienced. I was SURE they'd have to do that again today. Needless to say there was no breakfast for me before I left! When the Dr looked in my right ear, he laughed! My first thought was, "what - are they dirty??? I clean them out every day!" He pulled the instrument from my ear and told me "I wish I had medical students in here right now! It is incredibly rare to see this! Your right ear drum is so nice and clear that I can actually see the 3 bones BEHIND it! And their the 3 smallest bones in your body!" Are you kidding?? That's why the primary care didn't know what they were looking at! That took a weight off my shoulders, however, I knew I was still experiencing random pain in my ears and bouts of dizziness. He looked in my nose and throat and knew instantly why. I apparently have HORRIBLE allergies. Something I've lived with most my life without notice, and so he's started me on a prescription to take care of business! So thank God for that! I was ready for them to tell me I had some weird form of ear cancer or something! Dramatic... I know.

This evening was spent sharing in the wedding celebration of Jessica Reich and Josh Blakeslee. Jessica I work with at Foursquare, and Josh is a leader for the Jr High and High School ministries, along with an avid basketball player at the YMCA. They are 2 of the sweetest people I know, and it was so much fun to get to share in their day! Derek was a groomsman, and Owen was a ring bearer, and he did such a GREAT job! The boys got to carry basketballs down the aisle, and they felt like super stars! Owen also helped people find their seats before the wedding. It was too much. After the ceremony, they had a quick reception in the lobby, greeting those who came, and then they "left" and met the family and staff back in the gymnasium for dancing and great food! I really wish Josh would dance, he's not big into it at all, but thankfully I had girls like Amber Alseth, Carly Melius, Erika Blanco, and Karen Try to rock out with. Oh! And Owen kept asking (hysterically loudly) during the toasts when the dance party was going to start, and he danced his little rear off! It was a great night, and I'm so thankful to have Jessica and Josh in our lives!

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