Thursday, September 15, 2011

~1 Month Appointment~

Well well, our miss Eme is growing like a little weed! We took her to her one month check up yesterday, and she is now 22.25 inches (85%), and 11lbs (90%)! Her little head got bigger too! She went from being in the 26% to being in the 35%. Everything is great with her, she's eating well, sleeping well, holding her head up, etc. She's also started trying to talk! Her little tongue goes crazy in and out of her mouth as she works up to a coo. It's precious! Here she is before her appointment... and yes, she DID have to dress up to see the Dr. :-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

~Mr & Mrs Livingston~

This weekend we celebrated the marriage of our friend Mandy Schaapveld to a GREAT man by the name of Brian Livingston. They were married at Pioneer Orchard Park in Steilacoom, and it was GORGEOUS! We're so happy for Mandy, she has definitely found her knight in shining armor!

Here we are taking the opportunity to use her gorgeous view for a quick family picture!

~1 month~

Our baby girl is already ONE MONTH OLD! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. I am cherishing every snuggle, smile, and coo I get... and am sad to think that I'll blink and have a toddler. She just melts my heart on a daily basis!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~First Smiles~

Miss Emerson has decided to start gracing us with REAL smiles! Yesterday morning she gave Josh a couple big ones, and me as well!! No pictures of them yet, we're still learning what makes this girl smile! Hoping to get one soon!

Eme is 4 whole weeks old today! I can't believe I've spent 28 days with my little love already! She melts our hearts daily. She is down to one wake up a night, which is phenomenal for both Josh and myself. I take "first feeding", which is generally between 230-330a, and then Josh gets up with her in the mornings, around 8a, and I can sleep in! It works really well! Gives Josh time alone with her. He works so much he comes home some evenings and just takes her from me telling her "I haven't even gotten to HOLD you today!" And she LOVES her daddy... when he talks to her she just stares at him, and when he walks off, she contorts herself to watch where he's going. It's so precious!

Eme will officially be one month on Saturday, the 10th, and we have our good friend Mandy's wedding that afternoon. It'll be so fun to dress her up and take her out for a "fancy event!" It's got me itching to find a fun outfit for her! :-) I have to go through her clothes today, because some of the newborn stuff just doesn't fit anymore... I'll have to wash them, and pack them away for miss Kennedy, who could be here within a few weeks!

Monday, September 5, 2011

~That's WHY you have kids!~

Miss Emerson and I met Lindsey at the Puyallup Farmers Market yesterday, and had a great time! Eme graciously gave up her stroller for our flower purchases! (she was NOT feeling being in the stroller with it so warm out, so I'm not sure if "graciously giving up her stroller" are the RIGHT words) :-) All I could think of is the episode of Friends when Phoebe finds out that Ross's son Ben goes to the same school as Sting's son, and realizes that Ross may actually get to meet Sting. Her reaction to this is "That's WHY you have kids!" Haha! And we had a stroller that was very multi purpose for us yesterday... not having to lug our purchases around?? "that's WHY you have kids!" :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Ready to head out on the town with Mommy & Auntie!

~Kennedy's Shower~

Last Saturday we had a baby shower for my sister in law, Robyn... and her soon coming Kennedy Marie Bauer. We had the shower at Bradley Park, and it was a GORGEOUS day! She was definitely spoiled by her loved ones, and I am SO excited for Kennedy to get here! Only a few more weeks!

~Emerson's Newborn Pictures~

We got the disc for Emerson's newborn pictures!! I cannot wait to get out to Costco and get them ordered! Stepheni took pictures at her house on Monday morning, and Eme was NOT having it. She hadn't slept well the night before, and was super fussy. Stepheni had the room super warm so that we could have Eme naked and she'd be ok, and she didn't want ANY part of it! So, we scratched that, and the next morning Stepheni came over and took pictures in our backyard. Eme was WAY happier in the cooler air! Funny girl! We keep the room chilly at night, with the fan on etc, so she really relaxes bundled up in the cold. Anyway, Stepheni or course, didn't fail to amaze us with our pictures! Here are a few of them from the day! I'm still trying to figure out which ones I'm going to adorn the walls with, I don't want to go overboard, and have practical picture wall paper, but I do want a few to make a collage over the fire place... I wonder what it feels like for Stepheni to walk into our home, and see that outside of vacation pictures, every picture we have up in our home is a picture she's taken?