Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~Maternity Leave, Eme updates~

Well, after a lot of careful consideration, and a lot of talking with Josh, I have decided to leave Foursquare Church. Not as a church, but as a part of the pastoral staff. It has been a great 2 years there, but I feel my season there is over. I am now (for a short while anyway) a SAHM. I will be looking to Starbucks in the next couple months, to work about 20 hours a week... enough to get plenty of FREE coffee, and full benefits for the family.

I am LOVING being home with Emerson. She is such a joy! Tonight she was sleeping in my arms, and mid dream, smiled and giggled. GIGGLED! She hadn't done that before, it was heart melting! She lights up when she sees her daddy, and loves her cousin Owen. It's so precious. At the ripe old age of 2 months, our sweet little appears to have started the teething process. Early? For sure... but apparently both my sister and I had several teeth at 3 months. She could be a super early teether herself.

Being home has given me time to become PAINFULLY addicted to Pinterest. What a website! I have grabbed SEVERAL ideas from the sight, and will be spending the next 2 weeks literally doing about a dozen different things to the house I discovered on that dreadfully wonderful site. I am not a naturally creative person at all. I am known, and make it known, that I steal others' ideas, because I can't come up with them on my own, so Pinterest is a total God send for me! I will have to take pictures and get them on here when I've completed the list of 8 things I have planned to do. I know it sounds cheesy, but being "domestic" and "creative" like this, along with keeping a clean home, happy husband and happy baby, I feel like wonder woman. My heart swells with joy on a daily basis for getting to do what I'm doing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~2 Month Appointment~

Emerson had her 2 month well baby check up today. We opted out of getting her vaccinations today, which didn't go over well with her Dr at all. She did however get weighed and measured, and she is now officially 12lbs 14oz, and is 23.25inches long. Her height is in the 81%, and her weight is 92%... she's our precious healthy thriving baby!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~Owen In The "Big Leagues"~

Monday night Owen's soccer league got the joy of playing a game during half time at the Orting High School girls soccer game. They divided the teams up 4 on 4... so 4 teams vs 4 teams. Owen was right in the middle of the action the whole time, and scored both goals for his team! I'm so proud of him, he's really giving it his all, and loving it too!

It's blurry (the joys of a simple point and shoot camera in low light) but the blue blur in the front with the ball is OWEN! He led the pack and gave it his all!

We really enjoyed watching Owen play. I handed Eme over to Grammy so I could get down to the fence and scream Owen on! It was so fun!

~2 Months~

I can't believe it, our sweet baby is already TWO months old! Time is flying by! And she is growing up so much. She smiles all the time, and is getting quite chatty. She sleeps through the night, at graduated to sleeping in her crib through the night as well. We had her sleeping in her swing in our room, and she's transitioned well to her own room! I still can't believe she's ours, she's so amazing!

Here she is all sleepy... she was fine with me dressing her in her fancy tutu, but she was NOT fine with me taking the binky out of her mouth and try to get a smile!

~Baby Dedication~

Foursquare Church believes in praying over babies/small children, and contending for their lives. We call these baby dedications. At the same time, the parents are standing on stage, and publicly declaring (by being there) that you will raise your child in the ways of the Lord, and fight for them and their eternities. We had this done for miss Emerson Saturday October 8th. We had many friends and family come out to see us, and then we had a great time at the house after service. Everybody sat around and laughed and shared fun stories, all while enjoying some YUMMY food!

This is Emerson before church... she's such a happy girl!

It was so funny, the whole time Roger prayed over Eme, she talked to him! She talked more during that few moments than I've heard her talk in one sitting to date! :-)

~What a day! Baby AND a Baby Shower~

On the evening of October 6, we got a phone call that Robyn's water had broken! I was so excited I couldn't even think straight! We waited through the night for the call that she had started pushing, so needless to say I didn't sleep AT ALL. Emerson's bag was packed, and I was ready to get my hands on my precious new niece! We were told at about 730a that she was at a 6, so I ran to Target to get a "welcome to the world Kennedy" present, and Joann's to buy more tule for a tutu for Emerson. While waiting for my turn at the cut counter, I jumped on facebook. I saw a post from one of DJ's sisters, that Kennedy should be here within the hour so they were jumping in a car to head this way. WHAT??? I called Josh right away and he was just getting off the phone with his mom... Kennedy would be here soon! I began boaring holes into the backs of the heads of those taking their time about how much material they needed cut. I NEEDED OUTTA THERE! I got my tule, ran home, and we headed to the hospital. That sweet baby girl was born at 957a. About 2 minutes before we got there! I was so excited! We sat and waited for pictures to be brought out. Lynda came out and showed a few, and miss Kennedy has her mama's mouth! Robyn has a beautiful mouth, and so miss Kennedy is one lucky girl! Robyn dilated from a 6-10 super quickly, and only pushed for 25 minutes! I prayed and prayed that she would have an easy delivery, poor girl had a crappy pregnancy like I did, so at least the labor was good!! The whole family got to be there, and hold the baby, and just fall in love with this precious gift!

Kennedy Marie Bauer
Born 10/7/2011 (the day before their 1 yr anniversary)
7lb 3oz
19 inches long!

That evening, we had a baby shower (sprinkle) for Michelle and sweet little Ryken that will be here in about a month. Her friends Stepheni & Stephanie put it on, and they did a FABULOUS job! Michelle got SPOILED with fun gifts and clothes for Ryken, and everybody seemed to have a great time. I was thankful Robyn had Kennedy in the morning hours, so I could still be a part of Michelle's big night. Two baby celebrations for 2 of my sisters in ONE day! I love it!

I didn't take any pictures at Michelle's shower, so once Stepheni Mason, of Mason Jar Photography, posts some I'll post some here!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ This and That ~

Emerson has grown SO much in the past couple weeks! She was weighed and measured on September 27, and she was 12lb 3oz, and 22.5 inches. She has also started sleeping through the night. She will go to bed between 9-10p and not get up until 7-8a. It's so nice, but I don't get my 20 minutes in the middle of the night to just watch her eat while 1/2 awake. :-) Josh gets up with her in the mornings, and feeds her and gets to spend some one on one time with her, and I get to sleep in. :-)

Two days ago I fed Eme the normal 4oz bottle, and within an hour she was in a PANIC for more food. So I made her another 4oz bottle, and she drank it quickly, and went right to sleep. We have officially bumped her up to 6oz bottles! She's at the high end of food intake for her age, but she's also big for her age, and has been eating well since birth.

My sister in law is officially 38 weeks pregnant as of Tuesday, and I CANNOT wait for Kennedy to get here! I am so excited that I get to share mommyhood with her. We've always gotten along, but there's such a unity with mothers, it's been great to grow so much closer. My sister is due in 6 weeks, and will be having a scheduled c-section so that my brother-in-law can be in town for Ryken's birth. I can't believe I get another nephew, Owen has completely melted me from birth, so I know I'm in for it when Ryken gets here!

Now that Eme is sleeping through the night, she will start having weekly sleep overs at Grammy's, and Josh and I will be able to start date nights up again. We LOVE having Emerson around, and even on our anniversary came home early to get her, but I really look forward to having my time with JUST Josh. And Grammy will have a great time with Eme!

~ 2 years ~

Josh and I have been married for two years already! I think about what a short amount of time that really is, but then, I start thinking of past relationships, and how I never even made it to any sort of a two year mark because I was over the whole thing. Josh and I have been together for almost 4 1/2 years, and he gets cuter, sweeter, more fun to be around, etc, every day. I love it. I never understood what a GREAT relationship was until I met him. Here we are before leaving Eme with Grammy so we could try out Joey Restaurant in Southcentre... and though it was fun to try out a new place, I don't think we'll be going back. We like "normal" food, and they had everything on their menu tweaked just enough to not be "normal". :-)