Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This morning I went and got a hair cut with Lindsay Parks/Smith out at Salon Studio in Bonney Lake. She is such a sweet girl, and did a KILLER job with my hair! I'm so pleased with it! I would post a picture I took in the elevator when I left to send to Josh, but that seems oddly vain... so we'll move on with the day!
After my appointment with Lindsay, I met Michelle and Owen over at Leah's house, and we all piled into the Armada and headed out to Clancy's Coffee. Michelle hadn't been there yet, so it was fun to get to show it off to her! The boys were hysterical, sitting in the way back in their car seats watching Bolt on the DVD player. Poor Owen threw up on the way home though... we're thinking it was too many sweets, and after a super long night last night, and then being that far back in the car... I know another little boy who can't sit in the way back and watch tv without doing that very same thing! We all just went back to Ray and Leah's and spent the evening together. Normally on Tuesdays we have our So Long Insecurity study, but it was just Leah, Michelle, Mom and myself, and then Ashley got there at about 730p. My phone started freaking out today, so I made my way out shortly after, and planned on having Josh meet me at Verizon, when my car started sputtering. Big time. Not fun when you're in the dark, on meridian, by yourself. So he met me at Albertsons, and we switched cars and headed to Pep Boys, where they're running diagnostics on it and fixing it for us tomorrow. Then we headed over to Verizon. At Foursquare, our main mode of communication between staff members is text message, and with my phone not receiving 1/2 of them, I knew I needed to have it looked at. I found a new phone, and because they didn't have any in stock tonight, they gave us $50 off! So I go get my new phone AND my fixed car tomorrow. Thank God for Josh, being such a rock for me. If I didn't have him I would've just sat down and cried!

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