Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~Hawaii by the day~

AUGUST 26, 2010

This was Derek's last day of work for the duration of our visit, so we stuck around the neighborhood again, and just relaxed in the sun and water

This kid is such a fish now! It was so fun to watch him just play in the water!
Owen swam ALL the way across the lagoon with Uncle Joshie... TWICE! Here he is swimming all by himself where he can't even touch the bottom!
Josh was thinking about his little sister Robyn, this used to be her signature pose.
Michelle and I working on the best tan we could get!
So, Owen found this little boy to play with named Max, and Max had a boogie board with a spy hole on it, so the boys could see under water without snorkel gear. They were arguing over it a bit, so Max's mom blew up this floatie... and it's obvious Owen loved it!

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