Thursday, September 23, 2010


As admin at Foursquare Church, there are times where we leave for training. In May Michelle and I went to Dallas, Texas for a week long training on Fellowhsip One; the program we use for communication, etc. Fellowship One decided to do a "road show" and had set up one day trainings in major cities around the nation. This was our day. We headed out to Grace Community Church and spent the day learning new and exciting things the program can do for us. Definitely not the most exciting thing for us, but it was nice to get to all be together! While we were there, Shannon, the admin for the facilities team, got a traumatizing phone call. Her brother was in an accident at work, and was being airlifted to Harborview. He had almost totally amputated his own hand with a machine. She left to go take care of that, and we spent the afternoon worrying and praying for her family!

After the training, Josh and I headed out to Gig Harbor High School, to watch miss Madison Hiatt in a volleyball jamboree. She is such a doll, and the oldest of the 4 kids our dear friends Steve & Thea Hiatt have. After the jamboree we headed out to the Hiatt compound, and had dinner and just got a chance to visit. We haven't had time like that with them in TOO LONG, and my heart was so full when we left! When they're youngest, Jessica, went to bed, she requested that I read her a book, and how can I tell her no??? She was one of our flower girls in our wedding, and one of the most adorable, firey girls you'll ever meet. So we sat down to read, and I ended up with a book called "The princess & the 3 Knights". What a book! Absolutely precious, and based on God. Loved it! Definitely a princess book for sure with knights proving themselves for her hand. So that became my photo of the day. A book I want my little girls to know and love! If you have girls, I definitely suggest you get this book too...

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