Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Early morning ultrasound~

We had another ultrasound of Emerson this morning. We went to see Dr Majors last week, and Eme was all squirmy, so he could actually see and feel her. Though my uterus is big, he was thinking she'd still be a little girl, and ordered the ultrasound to weigh and measure her. This morning, bright and early, Josh, Amber Alseth and I went to see her. She is fully engaged, and face down just like she's supposed to be. We could see that she has some HAIR! She is weighing right about 5 lbs, so she should weigh between 6 1/2 - 7lbs at birth. She was being her usual "wild woman" self, and we got to see a good picture of her face again. It is looking that she actually has Josh's mom's mouth! So fun! We got several pictures today, which are still conveniently sitting on my desk at work, so I'll have to upload them later. We go back to the Dr on July 6th and have our first check of the cervix, checking for softening and dilating. We're getting so close!


So Amber just finished her 2nd year of Ministry Institute here at the church, and is moving in TWO DAYS to Charleston, South Carolina, my favorite city in the nation. I am so heart broken to be having her go, though I know she is making a best decision for her life. She lived with us during break, and feels like absolute family to both Josh and myself.

~The Nursery~

It has taken forever to get Emerson's nursery together. Josh works 60+ hours a week, and with me working 6 days a week, the energy was NOT behind the desire! So, I had some AMAZING young ladies come over and help us put it together! Jessica, Amber, Becca, Laura & Hailie are girls who do the Ministry Institute at work, and who I've really gotten the chance to fall in love with over the last year. Michelle and Owen came over too, and while the girls and Owen painted (Michelle isn't far enough along yet for the paint fumes to not be harmful) she painstakingly put together the armoire for me. There is NO way I could have done this without these guys!

Too bad we don't have Hailie Michelle & Owen in this picture, because this one is being framed to put in the nursery, so Eme knows who was here to make her room all pretty for her!

Owen helping paint in my shorts, that sadly, are SO TINY it's embarrassing that I actually owned them... and yet... they're practically bungeed around him!

Though we aren't finished yet (have to hang her chandelier, her wall cling above her crib, and her shabby chic frames) it's so nice to know it's ALMOST ready!

Becca and Amber painting, and man, I LOVE these girls!

Michelle is making sure the bedding is "showroom" quality. Her OCD worked beautifully on that cirb! :-)

~Sugar & Spice~

So my pictures have NOT uploaded in any sort of order, but I hope you enjoy them! My dear friends Amber & Lindsey threw me a baby shower on June 5th, and it was such a great time! We had women and men alike, and Josh and I were so spoiled by our friends and family! Now we just need this sweet girl to get here!

Some of the guests visiting and hanging out

These lovely ladies I have known my ENTIRE life, but somehow have not even gotten to see them in the last 14 years. So happy they came!

Our extension campus pastor, Phil, hanging out with Miss Merci Anne, our worship pastor's daughter.

Playing with some of the accessories Stepheni Mason of Mason Jar Photography set out for us!

The Owenator loved the fact that there was a pool at baby Emerson's shower, and took full advantage of it!

I love that Josh is holding this onesie at the perfect height to wear it himself.

My beautiful cousins Ashley & Alyssa, they've always been more like sisters!

I LOVE that he loved being a part of the shower!

Ray and Lindsey, 2 of the MAIN reasons I had such a fun shower!

Visiting and catching up

Mandy, Lindsey & Christina

Josh showing off his daughter's first "tini bikini!"

Ken, one of my friends from work, actually AUTOGRAPHED the card.. cracked me up!

Lindsey had colored my hair the day before the shower, and did it for me so all I would have to do that Sunday is run my hands through it. This girl is INCREDIBLE!

The food. Sadly, I was so excited to see everybody, I had A piece of asparagas wrapped in cream cheese and ham. Heavenly? Yes... Filling? no.

Thanks to everybody who helped to make this such a great day for Josh and I! We love you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

~Eme Update~

I had my 32 week appt. today with Dr Majors, and Eme is measuring big. What? Where am I hiding her?? We knew she would probably end up being an 8-9lb baby, but I'm really curious now as to how big she's actually getting! We have an ultrasound in 3 weeks to have her measured, and we go from there. Definitely going to be interesting! This next appt marks the start of our weekly appts for her until she's born! The countdown is officially on!