Sunday, October 31, 2010


Too bad we didn't dress up today! Josh and I are a bit spotty with when we dress up for Halloween. Josh already has our costumes decided for next year, however, I have a totally different idea of what I want, and dang it! I'm going to win! :-)
Traditionally, every Halloween, Josh's family gets together for dinner. This year it was Black Angus. We had a great time! Robyn and DJ weren't there, but Ron, Lynda, and Angie came and we had great food and great conversation! After dinner we headed down to Orting to go trick or treating with Owen. He has got it DOWN this year! So cute! He would run from house to house, and yell "They have their lights on!!!" He even willingly walked into a garage that was set up like a haunted house! When he came out the other side smiling I asked him "Baby, what did you see in there?" and he said "I saw CANDY auntie!" Haha!

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