Thursday, October 28, 2010


In true Thursday form, I worked, went straight home, crawled into bed and napped until it was time for team camp. After team camp, I went home and worked on a sheet called Pastor's away. Once a year, all the pastors on staff fill out a form, drawing attention to things we need to focus on in the following year. Wow. Not an easy form to fill out. I chose my key word - Refine- and refine I will. I have made so many changes in life in the last couple years, and though they've been incredibly positive... I definitely need to refine myself. Shore things up, straighten edges. It's hard to admit when things need to be fixed in oneself, but how great to know I work for somebody who expects nothing less from us than constant growth. Can't beat that! So I'll be spending some blogging time in the next year going over my progress. We had to fill out physical goals as well, and with us looking to start a family, I made my physical goal simply to take care of my body. Exercise. Whether it's walking on a treadmill or running, pregnant or not pregnant, I will take care of my body. Including a dismissal of my LOVE for taco bell. That parts actually a bit more intimidating to me than the exercise itself! Haha!

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