Sunday, October 10, 2010


There are some people that you can have around you for months, and not discover their uniqueness.... Courtney is one of those girls. She is a 2nd year MI student, and she and I share a bond now that I believe is life long. On the outside she looks just like any other adorable college girl. But, she has serious kidney problems, which can really wear her down and knock her out. It's hard to be 19 yrs old and not always be able to keep up with your friends, and I was just a bit younger than her when I found out about my heart disease. So, just like Courtney, I look completely normal on the outside, yet struggle physically because of the inside. She gets me and I get her. And I love her all the more for it. For her strength to just trek through each day with her hysterical sense of humor, and her desire to grow in who she is.

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