Friday, October 22, 2010


Owen spent Friday afternoon with me. He came into the office when he got out of preschool, and spent the last hour of my work day being spoiled by everybody I work with. He left the church with MOUNDS of candy and new toys! No wonder he likes to hang out at work with Auntie! I still wasn't feeling well from my cold, and was just sick to my stomach about the dog thing. Owen overheard me tell Sarah how I was feeling, and spent the rest of the afternoon telling me he was sick too, and at one point he yelled from his carseat "Auntie Auntie I'm gonna puke!" I quickly get into a parking lot and get him out of his seat, only to watch him walk over to this light post, spit just like his Uncle Joshie, sit down and say " Auntie, I just need a break".... seriously? Haha! I got his rear back into his carseat and took him back to my house! Funny boy!

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Nicole said...

Danielle...he is such a cute boy! He looks so grown up and tall in this picture!!