Monday, October 11, 2010


Josh and I have Mondays off together. Its the only full day off each week for us. So, today, we chose to start a tradition of "day"cations. We'll spend the day checking out a place in the northwest that we can get to and from in the span of a day. Today, was Port Townsend. Wow. I've been there once, when I was in high school, and was excited to get Josh back there to see the "battery"... it's this place called Fort Worden, and it's a huge building of creepy rooms and dark hallways. The water is so pretty out there, and you look right out to the straight of Juan De Fuca. After Fort Worden, we tracked down the Manresa Castle. I watched an afternoon of "The scariest places in America" on the Travel Channel, and this "castle" was on it. So, some what reluctantly, we checked it out. When we walked in, the woman behind the desk asked us if we needed anything and told us to feel free to check it out. We checked out the parlor, the ballroom, and started walking down the hallways. We started down a particular hallway, and we heard what sounded like laughter, that turned into a different noise. I can't really describe it... but needless to say, we looked at each other, raised our eye brows, and LEFT!

We had a great time today, just exploring the area, and I look forward to many more Mondays with my tall drink of water!

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the fritz family said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love you. The end.