Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Wow, what a day! I got up, and decided to get a good work out in before the day got too far ahead of me. Started out in the living room, working legs and core, trying to stay out of Josh's eye sight! Even though he'd NEVER tease me, it's just awkward working out in front of him! After he left for a meeting, I went into the family room to get on the treadmill, but it was super warm in there, so i opened the garage door and the sliding glass door to cool it off while I put my DVD in to run to (Just Friends, I love love love the movie and with Halloween over, it's officially appropriate to watch Christmas movies in my book!) Once I got the DVD going, I started walking back to the treadmill and saw something odd.... upon closer observation, I saw that it was an awfully calm field mouse. He just sat there, checking things out. I panicked! No mice in my house! I called Josh in tears, and shaking like a leaf. I ran outside and grabbed the neighbor's cat and locked him in the family room with the still calm mouse. Buddy the cat looked at the mouse, meowed, and LAID DOWN!!! Are you kidding? What good are you cat???? I grabbed Buddy and put him back on our front porch where he promptly fell back to sleep. (He is ALWAYS sleeping on the chairs on our front porch!) I went back into the family room and put a bowl over the mouse, who still hadn't appeared even the slightest bit bothered that I had been around. When Josh came home he took a paper plate, and slid it under the bowl so he could safely move the mouse. I let him know how lethargic the mouse actually was, so he took the bowl off and just walked him outside. After talking with a friend who has had mice in his house before, he is sure that the poor guy had already eaten poison, and was as calm as he was because he was dying. And after thorough investigation of the house, we found there to be absolutely no sign of mice in our home, thank God! It's looking like he meandered into the house when I opened the whole thing up to cool it off! Teach me to do that again! Anyway, here's Josh all proud of getting the mouse safely outside!

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