Sunday, October 3, 2010


So it seems that these last few weeks I've just not been able to get some solid sleep under me. I'm sleeping great, but there just aren't enough hours of sleep to really keep me going, and yesterday, I crashed. Left work early, to go home, and be in bed by 7p (I know, on a Saturday night, don't be jealous!), and instead of getting up and being at work at 630a, I slept until after 10a! I am so thankful for a job that absolutely understands self preservation! After spending 90% of my day relaxing in bed watching shows on the travel channel about the most haunted places in America (I ALWAYS get sucked into those things!) Josh and I went down to Orting to see the family. Owen has really started using his imagination and has spent the last 3 days telling us all to call him "Max" while he runs around the house being a kitty. It's so cute! He was able to break out of character long enough to have a kid sized popsicle tonight though! And look at the soda in Josh's hand! He really has the biggest hands I've ever seen, and manages to make everything he holds look small, but this is really a small can to begin with. The boys and their "tiny treats"! I love it!


Michelle said...

If you love max so much you can have him... I'm done with "max"!!!

Nicole said...

One of my firneds had kids pretending to be dogs and they wouldn't quit. So she said if you want to be dogs I will treat you like dogs. Made them stay outside in the yard, put their food in a bowl...needless to say they got chilly and wanted to be kids again. :)

Love teh tiny cans! Scott bought the little cans of beer and we wre cracking up over those. :)