Saturday, November 27, 2010


So this morning I thought I would light a fire. And it worked! I know that sounds cheesy, but I've never lived in a home with a wood burning fireplace as an adult. They've always been gas fireplaces. Josh had bought a couple "presto logs" before Thanksgiving and so I took one and built myself a fire to read to. This picture shows it in it's very beginning stages. I took this picture and sent it to Josh so he could be proud of his wife! Haha! I work at 345p on Saturdays, and so at about 315p I realized that not only was the fire still going, but that it didn't appear to be close to dying. So, as cool as I am, I ran to the kitchen, filled a pitcher with water, and threw it on the fire! It went out, and I may have to clean out the fireplace today.... classic.

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