Saturday, November 6, 2010


Happy Happy Birthday Owen! Today is Owen's 4th birthday! Owen has his birthday party today at Super Jump in Sumner. Everybody had a blast! When it came time to open presents, Owen sat down, and handed each card to Michelle, for her to read to him before he busted the present open. He got so many fun things from his little friends, and we got him a puppy pillow pet. I don't know if you know about those, but they're kind of ridiculous, yet all the kids love them. So Owen picks up the bag from us, and takes the card off and gives it to Michelle. In the process, he got a peak into the bag, looked up at me with HUGE eyes, and mouthed with excitement "It's a pillow pet!!" I almost cried, it was so adorable! Then he opened it up, and snuggled it right away! We scored and got the "favorite" gift of the day! I honestly don't know how I'm going to function if we have our own children.... Watching Owen makes me want to cry, and he's not even mine! I'm going to be a tearful mess of love when we have them!

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