Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~Spoiled much?~

So we found out Monday morning that we were having a girl. By Monday evening, this girl had about a million things! My best friend Amber came by with some ADORABLE onesies, and then Michelle and Owen came by with about a dozen great outfits, along with a "dingy" toy that Owen felt Emerson needed. That evening Mom and I went to Target and hit up their Carters racks. Tuesday at lunch I went to Gymboree and found a couple great little outfits, and Lindsey came over that evening with some more fun stuff from Gymboree! This girl's got a closet full and we've only known she is a "she" for 2 whole days! I can't wait to get her nursery started, and really truly prepare for her! Here are pictures of the fun things everybody got for Eme already!

I bought this at Gymboree... the bloomers are backwards so you can see the bum decor! I can't wait to have her pictures taken in this!

I actually bought this cute little blue and brown outfit for Josh's cousin's baby... however I never got in the mail, and now, miss Emerson will wear it!

Lindsey came over with this on Tuesday night! I bought Amber's daughter Stevie a strawberry outfit and now the girls can match in their fun outfits!

I bought this dress at Gymboree as well. My mom is going to make Eme green and white mary janes with little gold buttons to match.

Josh met mom and I at Target, and picked this outfit out. The little yellow onesie says "Little Lady", and he fell in love with it.

Michelle brought this dress over. I love the flowers on it! And i LOVE that she is a summer baby, such cute TINY summer clothes!

Amber brought this onesie over, and I am now on the hunt for a turquoise tutu for a newborn so Eme can have her picture taken in it as well!

Amber also brought this over, how appropriate! :-)

And Amber brought this one as well.. it's a 3 month, and it looks so big to me! I can't believe Eme will grow right into it!

This one is HYSTERICAL to me. Josh HAD to have it, so my mom bought it. We both laugh about it when we think about it, but hey... Josh can't wait to see her in it!

Mom picked this one out, and it is by far the tiniest outfit we've gotten. When Josh holds it, it fits right in his hands!

Josh also picked this outfit out. He's picked it up several times and is so proud of his choice!

Lindsey brought these sweet jammies over on Tuesday as well. If you look closely you can see the design is TINY little weiner dogs! I love it!

Another pick from Josh. Mom found the blankets, which are going to be SO useful, and Josh was excited to see that we got them as well, because he loves the monkeys!

Mom picked this up especially for Josh. She wanted to make sure he started embracing his daddy roll to a baby girl right away! :-)

Amber brought this to me the day I found out I was pregnant. I called her because I couldn't quite tell if there was a second line, and once I took the digital test, she ran out and bought the baby's first outfit!

Michelle brought these jammies, they're zip up, and she SWEARS by them. They're so cute, and Eme will look so snuggly in them!

Michelle brought this outfit as well. I love the little polka dot pants!

Owen picked out this outfit more for Uncle Joshie. He thought Uncle Joshie needed it to put Emerson in. How precious!

I love the flower on the bum! Michelle brought this as well, and it's just adorable!

Michelle really spoiled us! These tiny little onesies will be perfect if we have the summer "they're" telling us we'll have

I bought this skirt at Gymboree... I want to get a cute top and white leggings to go with it, but you only have so much time on your lunch break to shop!

Mom bought bottles, and nipples, and binkies, and shoes for Eme. Michelle picked out the headbands, and Owen insisted Emerson got a toy. So, he got her the butterfly toy for her car seat.

Owen actually stressed out tonight with Mom and Michelle! He was so concerned that Emerson didn't have everything she needed yet, and he wanted to go buy it all tonight! Such a sweet boy!

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Michelle said...

I love it! Owen actually picked out the outfit with the polka dot pants and pink zip up ;] Can't wait to plan the shower and buy more girl stuff!