Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Home again~

This morning I got cleared by both Dr Majors and the nurses at the hospital to come home. First Josh got me into a nice hot shower, and sitting on the seat (yes, I had to sit like an old lady!!) and feeling the hot water almost made me cry. i know, i know, a lot has brought me close to tears lately, but it's the little luxories in life, you know? Anyway, Josh was so great staying right by my side just in case i needed him, and after my shower i got to get into my OWN pajamas! it was amazing! Then the nurse came to take out my staples. She did such a great job, I only barely felt 2 of them coming out. We then packed everything up and headed home. I thought being home would be fabulous. It's been difficult. Josh has been phenomenal, but the hospital beds were made to keep any tension off of the stomach, and the hand railings on the side made it easier to get out of bed, and well, Josh was right there. He won't be in bed with me the next couple nights so that I get sleep and don't feel him moving around, and even though i know it's a smart decision, it's sad to not have him next to me.

My mother in law came over this evening with a bunch of yummy snacks for me to enjoy so i can take my vicodin, and get both me and Emerson ready for real food again. My mom and Aunt Lana will be cooking up a storm over the weekend getting our freezer filled with meals for 2 so that I can relax, and Josh can work and relax when home! We've got some great family!

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