Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Anatomy Ultrasound~

This morning we had our 2nd anatomy ultrasound. We had one a few weeks ago, but our OBYGN was VERY displeased with how they took pictures, so he had it rescheduled. It was so fun to get to see her again!

Josh took this picture right before we left the house.... I can't believe we're 6 months already!

I was so excited to see that upper lip! When I smile mine disappears and I've been praying that our sweet girl gets Josh's mouth... and it's looking like she did!

Emerson does not curl up like most babies in utero do. She tends to actually keep her arms above her head! Haha! She's got all the room in the world in my long torso, and she appears to be taking advantage of it.

When the tech got this picture we all giggled. This girl has big feet! She comes by it honestly though... they run on both sides of the family!

This afternoon I had an echocardiogram. My cardiologist checks my heart each trimester to make sure it's handling the pregnancy well, and there were no changes from last time, which is great news! If i can psych myself into getting pregnant again, at least I know my heart will handle it well!

I have my follow up appointment next Thursday for my surgery last week, and though I get drained SUPER easy right now, I'm feeling so much better. And my Dr was PHENOMENAL with the incision... even now, there's no color on the scar! It's barely noticeable!

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