Monday, February 28, 2011

~It's a.....~


We're having a baby girl! We had an appointment bright and early this morning at Diagnostic Imaging NW, and we got the news that we are having a sweet little Emerson Raye! We go back in a couple weeks to get more pictures taken. My uterus is tilted which makes it hard to get correct measurements of my cervix, so we go back to see if they can measure my cervix then. Her little heart looks perfectly healthy, which is great to hear, and she was all wiggly inside, moving her little rear and hands around. SO cute! Our due date is still locked in at August 2nd, and all of her measurements were to the day where she is in gestation. I'm so excited to get to prepare for this baby girl and hold her when she gets here!

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Nicole said...

I can't even begin to ell you how excited I am for you both! I am partial to girls and think you both with love your baby Emerson to pieces. You will get to do all the fun girly stuff(cute hair, nails, dresses, etc and Josh will still be able to have fun doing sports and other activities with her). Glad to hear you had a good appointment and things are progressing nicely! I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go by smoothly! :) Enjoy it(if possible...I didn't)...once it's over you realize how quickly it went by!