Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Doctor's Appt~

We had another Dr's appointment today! Right before my appointment, without thinking, I had a Tall Raspberry Green Tea Frappacino. Emerson was going WILD! When the tech put the doppler on my stomach to hear her heart beat she could feel her kicking around like crazy! It was pretty cool. We got another referral for an ultrasound, which we'll have Friday, March 25th. Bright at early again at 7a! I'm trying to schedule them around my work schedule so I'm not gone all the time... so super early it is! This time we'll get pictures as well. Dr Majors was not at all pleased with how we were taken care of with the last ultrasound. We didn't get pictures, and the girl just stopped, saying that she couldn't get all the measurements, yet we were 18 weeks, and everything she DID measure was measuring true to gestation. He's thinking she was being lazy, and is actually scheduling an appointment himself to talk with the imaging company because apparently we aren't the only couple kind of brushed off with our anatomy ultrasound.

It also sounds like we've finally gotten Maternity Leave figured out at work! I am officially the first pastor to still be on staff this far into pregnancy, and so until now, nothing had been put in place. Sarah was pretty happy to see that things were in place, since she's due 7 weeks after me, and Jessica had a weight lifted off her shoulders, because she and her husband will be trying for their first baby this fall! Glad I could lead the way! :-)

With the round ligament pain gone, I'm really getting to enjoy those moments when Eme rolls around. Every night I get up about 215-230a to go to the bathroom, and I'll crawl back into bed, and put my hands on my stomach, and just feel her kick. I was sure that her movements would be creepy, but I love them. With every little roll and kick I feel like she's letting me know that she's ok! Though part of me is wondering if this sweet girl will EVER sit still!

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