Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~What a day! Baby AND a Baby Shower~

On the evening of October 6, we got a phone call that Robyn's water had broken! I was so excited I couldn't even think straight! We waited through the night for the call that she had started pushing, so needless to say I didn't sleep AT ALL. Emerson's bag was packed, and I was ready to get my hands on my precious new niece! We were told at about 730a that she was at a 6, so I ran to Target to get a "welcome to the world Kennedy" present, and Joann's to buy more tule for a tutu for Emerson. While waiting for my turn at the cut counter, I jumped on facebook. I saw a post from one of DJ's sisters, that Kennedy should be here within the hour so they were jumping in a car to head this way. WHAT??? I called Josh right away and he was just getting off the phone with his mom... Kennedy would be here soon! I began boaring holes into the backs of the heads of those taking their time about how much material they needed cut. I NEEDED OUTTA THERE! I got my tule, ran home, and we headed to the hospital. That sweet baby girl was born at 957a. About 2 minutes before we got there! I was so excited! We sat and waited for pictures to be brought out. Lynda came out and showed a few, and miss Kennedy has her mama's mouth! Robyn has a beautiful mouth, and so miss Kennedy is one lucky girl! Robyn dilated from a 6-10 super quickly, and only pushed for 25 minutes! I prayed and prayed that she would have an easy delivery, poor girl had a crappy pregnancy like I did, so at least the labor was good!! The whole family got to be there, and hold the baby, and just fall in love with this precious gift!

Kennedy Marie Bauer
Born 10/7/2011 (the day before their 1 yr anniversary)
7lb 3oz
19 inches long!

That evening, we had a baby shower (sprinkle) for Michelle and sweet little Ryken that will be here in about a month. Her friends Stepheni & Stephanie put it on, and they did a FABULOUS job! Michelle got SPOILED with fun gifts and clothes for Ryken, and everybody seemed to have a great time. I was thankful Robyn had Kennedy in the morning hours, so I could still be a part of Michelle's big night. Two baby celebrations for 2 of my sisters in ONE day! I love it!

I didn't take any pictures at Michelle's shower, so once Stepheni Mason, of Mason Jar Photography, posts some I'll post some here!

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