Thursday, October 6, 2011

~ This and That ~

Emerson has grown SO much in the past couple weeks! She was weighed and measured on September 27, and she was 12lb 3oz, and 22.5 inches. She has also started sleeping through the night. She will go to bed between 9-10p and not get up until 7-8a. It's so nice, but I don't get my 20 minutes in the middle of the night to just watch her eat while 1/2 awake. :-) Josh gets up with her in the mornings, and feeds her and gets to spend some one on one time with her, and I get to sleep in. :-)

Two days ago I fed Eme the normal 4oz bottle, and within an hour she was in a PANIC for more food. So I made her another 4oz bottle, and she drank it quickly, and went right to sleep. We have officially bumped her up to 6oz bottles! She's at the high end of food intake for her age, but she's also big for her age, and has been eating well since birth.

My sister in law is officially 38 weeks pregnant as of Tuesday, and I CANNOT wait for Kennedy to get here! I am so excited that I get to share mommyhood with her. We've always gotten along, but there's such a unity with mothers, it's been great to grow so much closer. My sister is due in 6 weeks, and will be having a scheduled c-section so that my brother-in-law can be in town for Ryken's birth. I can't believe I get another nephew, Owen has completely melted me from birth, so I know I'm in for it when Ryken gets here!

Now that Eme is sleeping through the night, she will start having weekly sleep overs at Grammy's, and Josh and I will be able to start date nights up again. We LOVE having Emerson around, and even on our anniversary came home early to get her, but I really look forward to having my time with JUST Josh. And Grammy will have a great time with Eme!

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