Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~Baby Dedication~

Foursquare Church believes in praying over babies/small children, and contending for their lives. We call these baby dedications. At the same time, the parents are standing on stage, and publicly declaring (by being there) that you will raise your child in the ways of the Lord, and fight for them and their eternities. We had this done for miss Emerson Saturday October 8th. We had many friends and family come out to see us, and then we had a great time at the house after service. Everybody sat around and laughed and shared fun stories, all while enjoying some YUMMY food!

This is Emerson before church... she's such a happy girl!

It was so funny, the whole time Roger prayed over Eme, she talked to him! She talked more during that few moments than I've heard her talk in one sitting to date! :-)

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