Thursday, April 7, 2011

~Surgery Follow-up~

Went back to the Dr today. Dr Majors is VERY happy with my healing. I get to start using Mederma on my incision without worry, and I'm allowed to start making short trips in the car! I CAN DRIVE AGAIN!!! Emerson is still perfect, kicking the nurse while she listened to her heartbeat! I go back to work next week during the week days, and start back at weekend services Easter weekend. I won't be able to set up or tear down or anything like that (can't do that being pregnant anyway), however, I'll be able to be there for my team, which I'm really happy about.

I start physical therapy next week. I carry Emerson SO low, that it reeks havoc on my hips and lower back. Thankfully between that and massages, I should feel human for the rest of the pregnancy! No more tumor (they ran pathology on it to be safe, and it was completely benign), therapy for my hips, and prayerfully nothing more crazy going on for the next 16 weeks! I think we've had enough fun this pregnancy! I'm starting to psych myself up NOW to have another baby!


Nicole said...

SO happy to hear you are healing and that you are finding some way to stay comfortable during pregnancy! :) Wish I could see you and hang out and enjoy this experience with you! :)

Michelle said...

Good! I'm glad you're entertaining the idea of another baby... Eme will want a sibling :]