Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Owen and His Cousin~

Sunday evening I went over to my mom's house to visit. Michelle and Owen came over to hang out. Owen asked me to lift my shirts so he could see my "owie" from my surgery. I showed him and we were talking about it, and I asked him if he wanted to feel Eme move in my tummy. He started rolling around on the floor totally not sure if he wanted to. My mom told him to watch as Grammy felt Emerson move. After mom told Owen each time she felt Eme, he decided he could do it, and we put his hand on my stomach. He put his head down on the chair, like he was concentrating, it was precious! And Emerson kicked him pretty well. He giggled and was so excited to have felt her! He kept saying "Baby Emerson kicked me hard, she likes me!" It was so precious. He's getting so excited to have a cousin, and now a baby brother or sister! He's going to be so good with the babies, I can't wait to see him with them!

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Nicole said...

Oh my, what a sweet heart! He is at such a fun age to have babies around. He is going to seem so much bigger once those little babies get here!