Monday, June 1, 2009

~Tabyana Beach, Roatan Honduras~

We didn't take many pictures at Tabyana Beach. We spent most of our time just relaxing with our sun chairs on the water's edge. I attempted snorkeling, and I am DEFINITELY going to need some practice doing it before we go on vacation again!

Isn't this place beautiful? I told Josh we are for sure coming back to Honduras for a vacation. Whoud would ever have thought that the country of Honduras would be a delectible tourist destination??!!

Here I am soaking up the sun and LOVING the warm clear water

Gotta love Josh and that camera! Sorry most of these pictures are of me! :-)

We really enjoyed our afternoon at Tabyana beach, and on our bus ride back to the ship, we met a family from PUYALLUP! Actually, one of the women lives 3 blocks from me! Crazy! At the end of our night, burnt and exhausted we came back to the room with a bulldog for a towel creation! Josh was in heaven! Unfortunately, for the next year or so, that's the closest he'll come to owning one!


scott said...

So pretty! :)

jakob, stepha, and mr punkinhead said...

aahhh... him and his "bull dog" are so cute.. ha! its a pig, ey? that is ok, james does his bull dog stance and its cute. yay for your trip!

Brittany said...

All I can say is that you guys suck!