Saturday, June 13, 2009


In Belize we chose to spend the day on what was described as a "private island". I guess it's private if the other people there are 300 of your closest friends! We spent the entire day just laying in sun chairs reading and enjoying the scenery. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Our view was for the day

I was super excited because you got a fresh coconut with coconut juice and rum, and though it looked cool, it sure didn't taste all that great!

Josh entertaining himself... he attempted this shot MANY times after this, but nothing beat this first one!

Getting some love from the greatest man I know!

Seriously, this plant is HUGE!!

All burnt and tan enjoying a walk aruond the ship after dinner
And it's a monkey tonight!

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Nicole said...

YOU LOOK LIKE PEACOCKS IN FRONT OF THAT PLANT :) Cute pictures! Looks like a great cruise!