Saturday, June 13, 2009

~Key West~

Key West was a detour for our cruise. We originally were to go to Cozumel where we had signed up to climb the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Because of the swine flu, our stop was cancelled, and instead we spent a day in Key West. At first, we weren't too excited about the idea, but Key West was pretty great! We took a trip on a glass bottom boat, which also got rerouted. We were supposed to go to the Pacific side and look for Hammerhead sharks, and because of 30 knot winds, we ended up in the Gulf of Mexico, so no sharks... though we caught glimpses of a couple sea turtles, and a wild dolphin! We spent the rest of the day wandering a VERY unique city!

Hanging out on the glass bottom boat

Awesome, Josh with a man made out of natural Sea Sponge... good news, he doesn't stink like you'd think he would!

Crazy tree we found in town

Josh got a little "captain" in him!

Auntie had this picture taken just for Owen...that blasted bird kept coming towards me, he could smell my fear!

Because every city should have a HUGE couple dancing

Handsome Josh waiting for dinner
Hanging out in the cigar lounge, I think he found a new hobby!

And, we were greeted after dinner by a rather large snake!

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Nicole said...

OMG you two are cracking me up! Lookslike you had so much fun! That is one big couple daning there! My goodness! ;)