Monday, June 1, 2009

~Roatan, Honduras- Anthony's Key Resort~

Here we are just before we got off the ship for Roatan. This island was the most beautiful place I've ever seen. The jungles were the kind you only see on tv.
When we got off the ship, one of these girls grabbed me and started dancing, and I was like "This is great!!!" Suddenly they had Josh next to me, and he's not much of a dancer, so I was surprised. They grabbed us, posed for a picture, then pointed at a cash jar! Ha! We totally fell for the biggest tourist trap ever! I felt like we HAD to give them something decent, even though there wasn't a set amount. I got caught off guard like this in Key West too!

Here we are waiting for our tour to start. We signed up to swim with dolphins, and go to Tabyana Beach. The resort and the beach were on opposite sides of the island and I wish I would've taken pictures of the jungles we drove through!

Meet Fiona! She was our dolphin for the morning, and such a sweetheart! I'd never touched a dolphin before, and they feel like wet suits!

Josh getting a kiss from Fiona

Josh was teasing me because I was smiling so big when she was kissing me!

In the water enjoying our time with Fiona

I did NOT want to get out!

I only pretended to hold her, she weighs 250 pounds!

Isn't this place gorgeous??!!

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