Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~Whoo Hoo!!~

I haven't weighed myself since before I had Emerson. I would weigh myself once a week on our scale at home, and then of course when I went to the Dr. This morning I got up, and decided to see what I had to deal with. 13 days post pregnancy and I'm down 1 pound from my PRE pregnancy weight! YAY!!! I stood there dumbfounded! haha! I must have gotten on and off the scale 3-4 times to make sure it was giving me the same #. I only gained 19 pounds throughout the pregnancy, but there were those horror stories you hear about women delivering 8 lb babies and somehow only losing 6 lbs in the first weeks.... and then having to battle to get the rest of the "baby weight" off. Oh! And my scar from my surgery at 21 weeks is quite small now compared to how it looked on my pregnant belly, and lower than it originally looked... not even something I stress about anymore. No stretch marks so I'll be able to continue to enjoy my obsession with bikinis! Talk about a great morning!


Nicole said...

WooHoo! Wtg Danielle! Don't wear your body down though. That baby needs you feeling good. :)

Josh and Danielle said...

nicole i've not done anything but eat good food- i honestly have no clue how i've managed to do it! :-) but dang i am thankful that i did!